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Eagle’s Pricing and Availability

Posted by Microsoft Studios -

Well hello, everyone!


Are you ready for tomorrow’s launch of 3.8 and Eagle? We certainly are. It has been a long time coming for this character. A secret that we have been holding in our back pockets for quite some time, and one that we are thrilled to finally see release into the wild.


This post will go through the need-to-know details of Eagle and his release, and there’s a lot to cover. This is, admittedly, one of the most interesting scenarios we have rolled out in quite some time. Make sure to read everything. Thoroughly. Without further delay, let’s jump in!


Eagle and 3.8 release tomorrow morning roughly around 9 am PDT. We say roughly because anything could happen. Matter of fact, we don’t usually like to give you the timeframe, because if something does go wrong, well, you’re always sure to let us know. With that said – our target is the morning hours barring any unforeseen circumstances.


Next, let’s talk about pricing. Eagle will be $4.99 and that cost includes his Retro costume, but not the Premium Accessories. Those will purchasable with KI Gold in-game.


If you recall the CEO tournament just 10 short days ago, you’ll undoubtedly remember that Alex Jebailey so kindly took the stage to make a couple of announcements for us. The first of which is that KI is coming to Steam later this year and will include every character released – including the 3 not tied to any Seasons.


The second, and perhaps most important part, is that Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition owners will receive Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle for free! Going to step aside here and peel back the development curtains a bit – wording is paramount, and there was a key phrase missing from this announcement. “when the Steam version rolls out.”


We wanted to make sure the offering we had on Windows 10 & Xbox matched the offer we were releasing on Steam. To do that, we naturally have to include the 3 characters currently missing from the DE bundle. That work was to be done when the Steam version launched, but a miss in verbiage on-stage led us to our current predicament.



In classic KI fashion, “we found a way.” Sure, it takes group meetings in the hallway hours before a Patch Notes video is scheduled to release, causing edits that delay the release of said video, but alas, we did it. It was due to this scramble that we were a bit mum on details until we had everything sorted. Full transparency. That’s often the reason we stay quiet on some things. They’re just not finalized.


Eagle will be free for Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition owners, but since this work was originally scheduled for months from now, we are trying to make it happen as quick as we can. Tomorrow, when Eagle launches, you will see a purchase option for $4.99. If you own the KI: DE, we implore you to wait for the offer to show “free” – unless your goal is to support the brand with all your might. You will be charged for your purchase if you complete the order. We believe that we can have this sorted by tomorrow, but we want to be up front with you all in case something doesn’t work.


We understand that this puts a lot of interesting pressure on you all. If you can’t buy Eagle, and he’s not listed for free, then how will you play? Well, we’re going to make Eagle the free, rotating character for the next week. Should our efforts not work by tomorrow morning, we still want you to get out there and have some fun. If you haven’t been playing KI as of late, no better chance to hop in and check out what the 29th character added to our roster has to offer!


Again, we hope to have all this sorted by tomorrow morning, but that’s not promised. Time will tell.


Does this mean that Shin Hisako and Kilgore will be free, as well? No. Well, not yet. With those two, we are going to stick to our guns and make them available when KI launches on Steam. Speaking of which, our wording has scared a lot of you, but fret not. While I am not allowed to say a date, or even a timeframe, “later this year” isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s just careful wording to give us more time if needed.


Last but not least.



We’ve heard you. Plenty of you. Chanting along with each release reminding us of your undying love for KI. You’ve invested since Day 1, and you feel like you’ve been forgotten. We implore you to realize that is not the case. Pulling back the curtains, once more, our biggest issue with creating offers is linking them to other offers. Simply, and crudely put, there is no way for us to verify some of the metrics you each hold dear – time and money spent – and tie those to another offer. It becomes crazy & convoluted.


However, we want to do what we can to ‘make things right.’ This term is put in quotes only because it is very ambiguous in nature. This isn’t to say anything is a perfect solution, and we acknowledge that fact.


So, as an added bonus, anyone who has purchased the Season 3 Ultra Edition will receive Eagle for free (once we get things in the backend working). Just like the KI:DE crowd, we will work to make the offer show up, but it may not be tomorrow. If you own the Season 3 Ultra Edition and wish to wait for Eagle to be free – understand that if you purchase while the $4.99 is listed, you will be charged. You can still play as Eagle via the free rotation. All this, of course, is hinging on how fast we can get our solution to work.


Why Season 3 Ultra Edition owners? Again, tying multiple offers and entitlements to a giveaway is tough given our current system, and frankly put, we have given Season 1 and 2 away in Games with Gold promotions already. We assume everyone owns those, and we can’t separate the groups of purchasers – whether free or paid.


Last note because we know it will come up – Season 3 owners will only receive Eagle for free, not Kilgore or Shin Hisako. Those two remain tied to the Definitive Edition bundle.



Alright, that covers everything, but let’s give you a tl;dr version:

  • Eagle launches tomorrow ~9 am PDT
  • Eagle will cost $4.99 – includes Retro
  • KI:DE & Season 3 Ultra owners will get Eagle free – but may not work immediately
  • Purchasing Eagle when $4.99 is listed will result in you being charged, no matter if you own the DE/ S3 Ultra or not
  • To offset the issue, Eagle will be the free, rotating character this week
  • Shin Hisako and Kilgore will be free for DE owners (not S3 Ultra) later when the Steam version launches (as originally intended)


That covers everything. Please pop into the forums to ask any and all question you may have!


See you tomorrow!




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