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3.4 Patch Notes

UltraTech Timestamp:

They’re here! Buckle up, because this is going to be one helluva ride.



Yellow Highlighted changes were released early in an interim patch, version 3.3.1.  They’ve been included here in case you haven’t played since then so you can easily find all of the changelog information.


System Changes:

  • Changes to the input system so that after crossing under a character your next move motion is read correctly. (If you notice any bugs possibly related to this change, please report them with full reproduction steps on the forums to help us quickly track down and fix them)



  • Shadow Tigers Fury damage reduced by ~27%
  • Tigers Fury Ender damage reduced by ~10% (Jago is a great all around character who doesn’t struggle at all when trying to open the opponent up, especially in season 3. We feel that he can cash out a bit too hard considering his dominant toolset, especially with a few of his 1 chance break combos.  This adjustment should help a bit.)
  • Shadow Wind Kick is no longer Throw Invulnerable. (Having a move that crushes lows, is projectile invulnerable, throw invulnerable, and travels nearly it’s full distance in 12 frames, and is +2 on block is a bit too much utility for 1 meter. This move still does all of those things, except it is no longer immune to throws.  Jago players will need to use Tiger’s Fury, Backdash, or Jump to avoid throws instead of Shadow Wind Kick going forward.)
  • Fixed a bug where the second Endokukens thrown by Jago in instinct mode would not be destroyed by moves intended to destroy projectiles.



  • Shadow Eclipse damage increased by ~10%
  • The flipout on crouching LK launches the enemy a little higher, delaying their landing a bit. This leads to better mixup opportunities afterward. (Players will need to adjust the timing of their setups here a bit, so hopefully the increased opportunities make up for that.)
  • When Hamstring hits or is blocked, Sabrewulf will be invulnerable to throws for 11 frames (while sliding past you) to avoid some really nasty bugs in which he could be throw by armored opponents while he was under them, causing the animations to severely break. (You can still punish this move in all the same ways with the same timing, included throws. This only effects the middle of the move, where an armored character could still make a grab attempt.)



  • Puddle Punch Changes:
    • Light Puddle Punch is now vulnerable from frames 0-3 on startup, but still starts a grounded combo.
    • Medium Puddle Punch now causes a soft knockdown instead of starting a grounded combo.
    • Heavy Puddle Punch has 3 addition frames of invulnerability, making it invulnerable until after the first active frame.
    • (In the end, it seemed pretty odd to have a reversal that starts a full grounded combo so easily. Previously, all three versions of Puddle Punch had similar invulnerability windows.  Now the Light version functions more like other opener special moves (though it is still invulnerable for a few frames while underground).  Medium’s invulnerability hasn’t changed at all, but it now knocks opponents down.  The Heavy version has additional invulnerability when coming up out of the ground, which means he can no longer be thrown out of this version.  These changes will require a tiny bit of adjustment from Glacius players, but keep this move a bit more in line with the rest of the game.  The heavy version, in particular, will be very reliable anti air at a distance he normally couldn’t reach, and is a much more reliable reversal that hits as hard as a heavy Jago DP!)
  • Fixed a bug causing the opponent to flash as if they were attempting to break a Shadow Linker during Opener Shadow Hail



  • Light Sammamish no longer has full body invulnerability, but all Sammamish followups are once again available after this move. (Having a meterless reversal is proving to be too powerful in Thunder’s hands. It allows him to save meter for juggle cashouts and shadow call of earth much more easily, making not only his wakeup harder to pressure, but his entire toolset more loaded and reliable.)
  • Sammamish and Shadow Sammamish damage reduced by 10%
  • Skyfall damage reduced by 10% (These changes were made because Thunder is getting absolutely monstrous damage from Sammamish loops. The damage after this change may still be too high, so we’ll keep an eye on it and make future adjustments as needed.)
  • Dropkick damage increased by 15%
  • The Call of Sky buff now lasts 10 seconds (up from 8 seconds)



  • Heavy Widows Bite now causes a hard knockdown during juggles.
  • Jumping LK causes a flipout
  • Standing LK causes a flipout
  • Standing LK can be jump canceled on hit
  • Jumping LK has more range and a larger attackbox than before.
  • Standing LK is active for 2 addition frames. (These changes should give Sadira players a few more options for converting juggles into dangerous situations for the opponent should she lack the meter to cash out.)
  • Jumping LP no longer pushes enemies away. (This is to assist with the j.LP xx Widows Drop chain combo that no one really uses because why would you?)
  • Widows Drop now causes a ground bounce against airborne opponents.
  • Widows Drop now hits 1 frame sooner, and the first active frame is wide and near her upperbody. (This will now combo, if well spaced, from jumping LP, leading to new juggle paths.)
  • New Combo Trait – Auto Launcher – Press F+HK during any auto double to automatically perform the Leg Launcher and transition into juggle combos. Opponents can always break the Leg Launcher hit with a heavy breaker. (Sadira was the only character in the game without a real combo/combat trait, as her original one was juggles and now pretty much everyone juggles.  This new trait gives her something to call her own and lets her easily transition confirms into difficult to break juggles.)
  • Increased height of Crouching HK attackbox so that juggles into it are a bit more reliable.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Shadow Widows Bite to be breakable as an opener unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sadira to summon an Instinct Mode projectile while in a flipout reaction.



  • Fixed a bug that allowed Orchid to summon an Instinct Mode projectile while in a flipout reaction.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Orchid from starting combos if she whiffed the first two hits of her Rekkas, and then only the 2nd hit of the two-hit overhead connected (or it caused a counterhit).



  • Jumping MK (Divekick) now has 6 frames less landing recovery.
  • Jumping MK (Divekick) now deals 5 less frames of blockstun. (These two changes combined make the Divekick 1 frame better than it was on block, but also lets Spinal move earlier than before, allowing him to use well-spaced Divekicks in pressure or for mobility. )
  • Fixed a bug causing the recovery from Run to turn and face the opponent inappropriately.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Spinal from cancelling into an Ultra Combo when hitting from near max distance of Soul Sword.



  • Cyber Uppercut no longer auto corrects to face the opponent when you pip cancel into it from any other special move. It will always face the way Fulgore was already traveling. (This technique is very strong, but was proving a bit too strong when Fulgore could change directions on a dime to punish you for jumping over him.)
  • There is now a minimum height restriction on Shadow Air Eye Lasers when cancelling into them from a Cyber Uppercut. (It was never intended for you to be able to do Air Laser so close to the ground that you became safe, let alone advantaged. This move should be properly punishable as intended now.)
  • Increased the Reactor Spin Speed penalty by 33% when performing Teleports. (Repeated teleports are going to have a slightly more noticeable impact on your total number of pips gained per game now, but the strength of Fulgore’s teleport in neutral and during mixups is unaffected.)
  • Ground Shadow Eye Beam pushes opponents away slightly farther and is now +25 on hit, allowing Fulgore to link into Heavy Blade Dash or Heavy Eye Beam from long distance for new combo opportunities.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Fulgore from cancelling Heavy Eye Laser into Devastation Beam.


TJ Combo:

  • Fixed a bug causing the raw/opener version of Shoot Toss to deal the (greatly reduced) damage of the in-combo version of the move. A raw Shoot Toss now deals the intended ~12% (40 pts of damage) up from ~3% (14 pts of damage) (Shoot Toss damage was pretty pitiful due to this bug, making it a lower value option when going for resets.  This should increase fear of the move and allow success with other options more often as well.)
  • Raised the damage on the in-combo version of Shoot Toss by ~10%
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Last Breath to not trigger if TJ was hit out of an Armored move. (We were sad to see this bug cost Thrash Heavy a game in Top 8, but we had been working on a fix for this for a while and were able to submit one a few weeks before that event. We know bugs that affect tournament matches suck, but this one took a lot of effort to fix. Sorry it took so long!)
  • TJ was missing a counterhit window on the startup of many of his special moves. These have been added, so you should see counterhits occur against TJ as expected now.



  • Dagger Assault Ender now leaves Maya +2 on her opponent (was +0) (We still feel this move as a lot of untapped potential, so hopefully this change encourages players in the wild to try using this ender a bit more.)
  • Previously, when throwing daggers, they had a much larger attackbox for the first 2 frames of flight. The size of this attackbox has been reduced by about 45%.  The size of the attackbox for the rest of the flight is unchanged. (Thinking back, we know we made the attackbox on daggers larger for 2 frames to avoid close range whiff situations, but can’t figure out why we made them SO big for those 2 frames.  This size is much more reasonable.)


Kan Ra:

  • Medium and Heavy Clutch have expanded range and are active for 1 frame longer. (This is to help deal with characters who can get up very high, mainly Gargos.)
  • Shadow Swarm, when performed from neutral, now lasts for 9 seconds (up from 6). The duration of the ender versions is unchanged. (While powerful, this move has seen a massive drop in use due to the increased startup time and awesome power of the Shadow Spike for the same meter spent. This change will hopefully see players spending meter on Shadow Swarm once in a while.)
  • Shadow Sand Pit can no longer build meter back for Kan-Ra (As a general guideline, Shadow moves should not build meter back. This puts the move in line philosophically with that idea.)
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to juggle into Shadow Whirl after holding back during Clutch (Kan-Ra was never intended to get grounded combos off of Clutch without recapturing using Antlion. We fixed most of these cases a long while ago, but this one remained until now.)



  • Made Back+HP Flame chain combo juggle a bit more reliably
  • Moved the manual cancel window up 1 frame on both Medium Linkers to allow crouching medium attacks to manual in these situations.
  • Fixed a bug causing jumping LK to be breakable as a Medium.



  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some auto doubles from moving close enough to hit after a 1-hit cross-under Shadow Slide.
  • Throw now has a manual cancel window on frame 54 and has 8 more frames of recovery, leaving it +3 (down from +11). This means that you’ll still be able to combo normal attacks in the corner with the exact same timing, including the 5 frame buffer it used to have, but you will not be able to combo into specials attacks like slide and flurry anymore.  Instinct cancels are all still intact as well. (Throw into ambiguous special move of choice in the corner is proving too strong on Omen.  We will evaluate a change like this in the future for similar throws on other characters if they prove problematic.)



  • Stomp Walk now crushes lows until the 1st active frame of each step.
  • Stomp Walk 1st hit is now -3 on block (was -10) at zero chunks
  • Stomp Walk 2nd and 3rd hits are now -3 on block (was -5) at zero chunks (Stomp walk was a pretty bad move. Now it’s a pretty good one.)
  • Fixed a bug causing far standing HK to not match the changes last update to close standing HK. Now both versions no longer cause a wall splat when used in a combo to avoid enders afterward breaking.
  • Fixed a bug causing Aganos to continue sliding forward if Spinal absorbed his Ruin or Shadow Ruin attacks.



  • Fixed a bug that could cause followups to On Ryo Zan to be unbreakable if the first hit of On Ryo Zan whiffed.



  • Manually detonated Pyrobombs can now hit opponents OTG when they are laying on their back, launching them into the air. (The combat team thought this would be a fun way to make use of some of your pyrobombs that didn’t stick, so we tested it out and loved it. We hope you do too.)
  • Reduced the damage of opener Shadow Fission by 45% (This is to reduce Cinder’s very high one chance break damage)
  • Reduced the chip damage of Shadow Fission from 40 pts of damage to 30 pts of damage. (This takes it from about 11% to about 8%, still very worth doing, but not so great as to force players to want to save meter only for this.)
  • Fixed a bug causing him to land with additional recovery from jumping attacks if he was hit out of a Trailblazer special.



  • The bombs from Standing HK, Standing Close HK, Crouching HK, and Jumping HK are now breakable and counter breakable. (This should make her vortex gameplay a bit less guaranteed to setup and maintain)
  • The above change required us to add hitstop to the bombs, making juggles feel slightly different, and requiring us to change the launch velocities on the bombs a bit to allow similar juggles. (Aria players will want to spend a little time in the training mode making a few small adjustments to their bomb juggle timing after this change.)


Shadow Jago:

  • Fixed an issue preventing Shago from passing through very wide opponents when hitting with the tip of Slide.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Shago to bounce off of thin air during his Divekicks if the opponent was currently blocking or getting hit by a projectile.
  • Fixed a bug causing characters to fly behind Shago after a Surge Slide
  • When Dark Drift (slide) hits or is blocked, Shago will be invulnerable to throws for 11 frames (while sliding past you) to avoid some really nasty bugs in which he could be throw by armored opponents while he was under them, causing the animations to severely break. (You can still punish this move in all the same ways, included throws. This only effects the middle of the move, where an armored character could still make a grab attempt.)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Dash to come out the wrong way after juggling with Pushkick in the corner.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Dark Drift to not change sides with very wide opponents when landed from maximum distance.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Divekick linkers to whiff from max distance.


Kim Wu:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause some Enders to drop when cancelled late after certain manuals or doubles.
  • Shadow Firecracker now steps forward like the Heavy Firecracker does. (Hopefully a few less Shadow Counters whiff now, but some still will.)
  • If you have at least 1 Dragon before landing a Dragon Counter, you can now Dragon Cancel out to start a combo. (You cannot spend the Dragon you just earned from the successful Counter to Dragon Cancel.  You need to have had one beforehand.  This allows her to get a full grounded combo off of a Dragon Counter vs a grounded opponent, so we’ll be keeping an eye on how strong this is and may remove or reduce the damage dealt by the parry itself in the future to compensate.)
  • You gain a Dragon on Frame 2 of a successful Counter instead of Frame 0, so it is possible (though rare) to be hit out of this before you gain a Dragon. (This change was necessary to allow Dragon Cancels from Dragon Counter)
  • Firecracker Ender’s resources granted have changed:
    • Lv1 – Gain 1 Dragon
    • Lv2 – Gain 1 Dragon and some Shadow Meter
    • Lv3 – Gain 1 Dragon, some Shadow Meter, and some Health
    • Lv4 – Gain 1 Dragon, some Shadow Meter, some Health, and some Instinct Meter
    • (This should make higher levels of this ender more appealing)
  • New Command Normal: Dragon Sweep – DF+HK
    • This move is a step forward sweep kick that hits low, causes a hardknockdown, and hits on frame 14. It is -5 on block.
    • You can cancel into this move in most places where you could cancel into a special move.
    • (Use this to add a little high/low mixup to your pressure, alongside light Dragon Dance. Kim having a low threat from a bit farther away will cause opponents to block low pre-emptively more often, preventing people from walking out of range of Kim’s already strong footsies game.)
  • Crouching MK is now -1 on block (was -2)
  • Crouching HK is now -2 on block (was -4)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Super Flash to get stuck if she was hit out of a Lv2, 3, or 4 Dragon Dance ender just as it started.



  • Stagger Ender now adds 100 KV instead of 50 KV. You must use a Shadow move or throw if you wish to continue the combo, as any other hit will now blow out. (Tusk’s combo game devolved because of this move, as players used it essentially as an unbreakable linker into pretty respectable damage. We want to keep the midscreen mixups it affords, but we have to say goodbye to the cool looking repeated stagger ender combos in order to do that, as they were too degenerate and frustrating to get hit by.)
  • Shadow Immortal Spirit now triggers a Shadow Front Step that is projectile immune. Pressing any button during the startup or the step portion of this move will trigger the Shadow Shoulder portion at no additional cost.
  • Shadow Shoulder is now immune to projectiles. (Tusk was having just a little too much trouble with characters who have projectiles that cover the ground, preventing him from using the non-shadow Immortal Spirit moves to dip under them. The changes to this move should give him a few more opportunities in those matchups.)
  • Shadow Air Skull Splitter now fires an additional explosion, and all explosions are spaced farther from eachother, coving more of the screen.
  • Air Skull Splitter now spawns explosions on whiff or block when landing. These explosions can destroy incoming projectiles and make this move a bit safer on block than before.  The number of explosions is based on the strength used.
  • Air Skull Splitter no longer causes a ground bounce on standing opponents. It instead causes stagger and can go straight into auto doubles. The explosions do not come out on hit.
  • Tusk can now cancel the landing of Air Skull Splitter into Shadow moves on hit, whiff, or block. Try cancelling into the new Shadow Step to approach behind a wave of projectiles outside of instinct mode. (All of these changes combine to give Tusk a few new approach and attack options.)
  • Fixed a bug causing Jumping MP to count as a Heavy Attack, both in priority for trades and for breakability.



  • The size of the VFX trails on Big Bad Boot opener have changed to help the opponent see which strength is being used. (This keeps Boot in line with other moves that juggle easily and have visual tells to help breakability.)
  • Crouching MK is now -2 on block (was -1)
  • Crouching HK is now -4 on block (was -1)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Rash to try to eat a projectile after being hit out of eating a projectile.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Rash to summon an Instinct Mode projectile while in a flipout reaction.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Rash to manually perform a Shadow Ram Horns after his Battlemaniacs combo but stay ‘in’ the combo trait. This lead to instances of the Battlemaniacs ender being blocked.



  • Overshield Recharge is now -11 on block (was -1). (We never intended for this to be unpunishable on block, and it ended up feeling like a bug or oversight to us. Consider it corrected. This move acts the same was as before if it is not blocked.)
  • The window to fire a 2nd and 3rd shot after a jumping Carbine attack has been reduced from 22 frames to 5 frames. This means that you cannot wait for an extended period before firing again on the way down. (Jump gun combos are still possible, but they have much stricter timing and require more ammo.)
  • Gun damage raised by 10% (We lowered it primarily due to the jump gun loop, which is now a lot weaker.)
  • Self Grenade now causes a stagger on grounded characters. This means that if you block it as a reversal and Arbiter doesn’t have Overshield, he will be punishable because he is still standing.  This also opens new combo opportunities for Arbiter.  This still causes a soft knockdown vs airborne opponents. (The reversal option had some un-exploited weaknesses, but was still proving too frustrating for players.  You can simply block and punish this normally now with no crazy tricks.)
  • The size of the VFX trails on Rushing Slash (qcf+P) and Overhead Slash (qcb+P) openers have changed to help the opponent see which strength is being used.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Arbiter to whiff cancel into Enders during a grenade blast. (This bug lead to huge unbreakable damage.)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Arbiter to use Tack On: Carbine to cash out combos without performing an ender. This change also required us to change how bullet damage during non-ender Tack On is calculated, so you’ll notice a very slight damage increase in Tack On bullet situations with some additional potential damage left behind on top of that.
  • Fixed a bug preventing him from special canceling his MP HP and HP HP target combos from maximum range.
  • Fixed a bug preventing other characters from properly parrying a grenade.



  • The KV inflicted by Bloody Seekers has been increased by 20% and deals the full amount even during low KV juggle states. (While cool, some of the Seeker juggle loops were just too long to ask players to be hit by with nothing breakable happening. This change shortens these combos, but they remain a great option for guaranteed damage.)
  • The potential damage inflicted by Instinct’s Vampire Mist was decreased by 50%. (The use of this in combos dealing absurd damage needed to be reduced. You can still get huge damage with these setups, however.)
  • The recoverable health restored during Instinct’s Vampire Miss has been increased by 25%. (To compensate for dealing less damage, we wanted to try letting her heal back a bit more, letting her go a little more nuts with high-cost moves attempting resets and mixups.)
  • Increase the amount of recoverable health restored from Bite linkers has been increased by 50% (from 10 points per bite up to 15) (Mira now has a more consistent way of recovering her blood health from midscreen without spending shadow meter, and entering the combo system keeps the risk/reward nicely in check. This should both allow Mira to enjoy spending more blood health, and should make using the bite linkers a bit more appealing)
  • Fixed a bug where Mira would not jump to her full height when performing a jump attack after getting hit out of her air dashes.
  • Fixed a bug that let her cancel out of Medium Bloody Seekers early if her opponent was currently in a reaction.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling out of Mira’s air dashes maintained some physics properties of an air dash. This allowed players to perform low to the ground attacks without going through Mira’s full jump height.



  • Fixed a bug causing HP attacks to build less meter than intended.
  • Fixed a bug causing Minions to build meter back for Gargos when they attack.
  • Medium and Heavy Portal Punches now build the same amount of meter as the Light Portal Punch.
  • Minion normal attack damage reduced by 25%
  • Stoneskin Explosion no longer causes a hard knockdown and the launch velocities have changed to make this closer to even on hit. You won’t get a safe minion summon after landing this anymore.
  • If a minion is knocked down, he will not get up while Gargos is in a reaction from being hit. (This means that if you strike a minion during a combo, you wont have to worry about that minion getting up and attacking you until your combo is complete, but you’ll still need to worry about minions you haven’t hit. This can also help Gargos sometimes because a minion wont get up to take a 2nd hit from the attacker. We feel this is a good change for the game on both ends; less frustrating for Gargos’ opponent, who gets to complete more combos, but Gargos’ minions will survive in situations where they couldn’t before, allowing them to assist him later.)
  • Reduced the damage dealt by ranged auto doubles by 40%
  • Reduced the damage on Portal Punch Ender by 10% (This change is to reduce the frustration of getting hit by Portal Punches, which Gargos will have a harder time turning into significant damage now.)
  • Reduced the travel distance of the Air Light Crusher to reduce player’s ability to run away using it. (Gargos ability to run away is still present, but this particular move made it far too easy in a few matchups.)
  • Reduced the jump height of Forward and Backward Double Jumps by 20% (Gargos was getting up a bit higher than we intended, even above some of the highest reach anti-airs in the game. This change should stop Gargos from jumping without punishment as often.)
  • Fixed a bug causing the ender version of Izuna Drop to cause a hard knockdown. (We may have fixed this the other way in a previous update, but that was a mistake. This ender is not intended to cause a hard knockdown.)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Gargos to perform Auto Doubles, Linkers, and Enders against an opponent with no vulnerable boxes if he activated Instinct right after setting someone down from his command grab.


General RAAM:

  • The inputs for his Ultra and Stage Ultra has swapped. QCF+3K is now the Ultra, and QCF+3P is now Stage Ultra. (This is to help players struggling with getting Kryll Shield Cancels when they wanted Ultras)
  • Shadow Kryll Rush moves 50% faster across the screen and is now immune to projectiles.
  • After any successful Kryll Rush, RAAM is now immune to projectiles for the duration of the stab animation. (These two changes makes an absolutely massive difference in battles against zoning characters.)
  • Decreased the potential damage buildup during Instinct mode by 12.5% (We want RAAM to hit hard, and he still absolutely does, but just ever so slightly less now that he can get in a bit easier.)
  • Fixed a bug causing Kryll Shield to think that certain projectile types spawned from normal attacks (such as Eyedol Mage HP) were melee hits, which removed the Kryll Shield.
  • Fixed a bug causing Light Emergence to not have any lower body invulnerability, as it was advertised to have. It still doesn’t have lower body invulnerability on startup, but it does for all of its active frames.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed RAAM to cancel his Dominance stomps into normals on a specific frame.



  • Warrior Jumping HP deals 11 frames less blockstun. (Previously, when used on the way up, this left Eyedol at +6.  Now it leaves him at -7 when performed on the way up, making this difficult to anti air normal much more of a risk when used in this way.)
  • Warrior Jumping HP attackbox starts 1 frame later and ends 7 frames sooner. It reaches behind him less far as well. (We never intended this move to be active for so long after the swing, or to be able to cross up in odd situation)
  • During instinct, the Meteor Shower after Shadow Crushing Swing comes out 20 frames later and a bit farther away from Eyedol. It still juggles on hit, but on whiff or block, opponents will have an opportunity to hit you before the Meteor Shower starts, preventing it from ever coming out.
  • Shadow Meteor Shower meteors deal 3 damage, down from 7 damage.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Shadow Meteor Shower from dealing chip damage.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Shadow Counter in Mage stance to use two meters if they were available.
  • Made adjustments to the chances to switch heads in each mode. Players should automatically switch more often now, but the team will be watching this closely and will make future adjustments as needed if this proves to be too much or too little.
  • Warrior Standing MP is now +1 on block (was +2)
  • Warrior Crouching MP is now +1 on block (was +4) (Crouching MP hits on frame 6 with long range and low pushback, making this move very dominant during Eyedol’s close pressure. The move is still strong at +1, but now the opponent has options to challenge it.)
  • Jumping HP Animation has changed to make it cover much less space, and it starts up 2 frames slower as well.
  • 10 frames more recovery has been added to Telestrike (We wanted to give players a bit more time to punish this move on whiff or block.)
  • LT and MED Bolt strikes are -12 on block (was -9)
  • Throw damage reduced 20%
  • B+MP Blast command normal has 6 addtional frames of startup
  • B+MP Energy Blast command normal is no longer cancelable into special moves (This move is meant to be used as a way to check the opponent’s advancing movement. Allowing him to cancel into a high/low mixup from nearly full screen away made his matches against some characters a little too dominant in Mage mode.)
  • F+MP Overhead command normal has 5 additional frames of startup
  • F+MP Overhead command normal is -4 on block (was -1)
  • F+MP Overhead command normal is no longer lower body invulnerable (Eyedol’s f+MP overhead remains a very strong move due to its long range, recapture ability vs. jumping away, and can be spaced to make even -4 disadvantage difficult to contest.)
  • Medium Crushing Swing launches enemies slightly higher to accommodate the slower Recapture Overhead.
  • Reduced the distance that Eyedol bounces away after using Mage J.MP and J.HP
  • Meteor Enders are now all +2 or +3 on hit, instead of being punishable. (Was -6, -8, -1, and -15 for each level 1 to 4)
  • Additional KV is now added when performing the Lv1, 2, or 3 Crushing Destroyer enders.
  • Fixed a bug causing Bolt Strike to sometimes hit only once, leading to long damaging unbreakable juggles.
  • Fixed a bug causing Medium Stomp Strike to have longer recovery than intended, screwing up its advantage on hit/block as well. It is now +8 on hit, and +2 on block, as originally intended.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of Medium and Heavy normals from attempting to switch heads. (Players were not intended to be able to circumvent switching by avoiding the use of special moves. This fix should contribute to seeing Eyedol switch more often, as intended.)
  • Fixed a bug causing the Lv1, 3, and 4 versions of Crushing Shoulder Ender to have less advantage after the wall splat than intended. A sweep should be possible to combo after all versions now.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Eyedol to cancel into Instinct when landing from a Crushing Swing on hit or block.
  • Fixed a bug preventing enders from cashing out when opening with Back + MP Blast.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Stomp Strike Rage followup to occur even without charges available.
  • The size of the VFX trails on Crushing Destroyer opener have changed to help the opponent see which strength is being used.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Heavy Crushing Swing to not follow up with the 2nd hit if the 1st hit was a counterhit.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Bolt Strike projectile to stay active even when the opponent performed a counter breaker.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Shadow Crushing Destroyer’s ground bounce vs airborne opponents from working.
  • Fixed a bug causing the recovery from Run to turn and face the opponent inappropriately.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the recapture hit on Heavy Crushing Swing to autocorrect and face the other direction.
  • Fixed a bug causing Wake Up! to come out on downback + HP occasionally. It will only come out with Back+HP now.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Eyedol to delay round transitions by punching himself in the face.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause lockups if the Stomp Strike Ender connected with a projectile.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mage mode’s projectiles to push him away from cornered opponents unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bolts and Meteors to push Eyedol back against a cornered opponent on block.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Lv2 and Lv3 Bolt Strike enders to whiff from maximum range.


It’s a lot of information to read, we know, but once you’ve made your way through it, let us know what you think in the forums!