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  • I’ve already downloaded Killer Instinct from the Xbox Store Do I need the Combo Breaker Pack?

    The Combo Breaker Pack provides the Combo Breaker Add-On, as well as bonus characters. Even if you already have the digital game, you can take advantage of the add-ons from the Combo Break Pack disc.

  • Do I need to put the combo breaker pack disk in my Xbox One console to play the game?

    Yes, you'll need to put the disc in to play any of the add-on characters.

  • Do I need to install the downloadable content from the combo breaker pack disc?

    Yes. The add-on content will be installed the first time you insert the disc . You can manage individual add-ons by inserting the disc and selecting the add-on from the Home screen on your Xbox One.

  • Will the TJ Combo character be sold exclusively as a retail product?

    No, TJ Combo will be available digitally as well.

  • Does the combo breaker pack come with any costumes, accessories, or Killer Instinct Classic?

    No. The retail disc comes with all eight characters form Season 1 and a download code for TJ Combo.

  • Can I play killer instinct offline with the disc?

    Yes. The disc will work offline like any other Xbox One retail game.

  • If I have the retail version of Killer Instinct, can I play it online with people who ahve the digital version of the game?

    Absolutely. People who have the retail version will be able to play online against anyone who has Killer Instinct.

  • If I have the retail version of Killer Instinct, will I be able to get Season 2 and other downloadable content for the game?

    Yes. When Season 2 launches, people who have the retail version will be able to purchase Season 2 content.

  • Need additional help or information regarding Xbox One Killer Instinct?

    Please visit Killer Instinct on Xbox One Support.

  • When does Killer Instinct launch on Windows 10?

    Killer Instinct launches on both Xbox One and Windows 10 March 29, 2016.

  • How much does Killer Instinct cost on Windows 10?

    Killer Instinct is a free to download game – it doesn’t cost anything to download the base game and you can purchase individual fighters or character bundles.

  • I already own Killer Instinct for Xbox One, do I need to re-purchase my content in the Windows 10 version?

    No, you do not need to re-purchase anything you’ve already purchased in Killer Instinct. In fact, everything you own and have earned in Killer Instinct is available to you on Windows 10.

    In order to access your existing Killer Instinct content on Windows 10, Xbox One owners must receive the Season 3 game update, available starting March 29, 2016. Simply login to your Xbox One console and launch Killer Instinct. Ensure you’re connected to Xbox Live and follow the prompts to receive the update. Once the update is complete, launch Killer Instinct fully. Once the update is complete and you have launched Killer Instinct again, you will be able to login into Windows 10 to access your owned and earned content.

  • Can I play Killer Instinct across devices – can I play against my friend if they are using an Xbox One and I am playing on Windows 10?

    Yes! You can play Killer Instinct across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices using Xbox Live.

  • Will my fightsticks work on Windows 10?

    Xbox 360 fightsticks will work at Season 3 launch, with Xbox One fightstick support landing in a future Windows 10 update.

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