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3.5 Patch Notes – Shadow Lords

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Hey all!


We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of 3.5, and we are happy to say that the latest Killer Instinct Update will come on November 22nd – just a few short days from now! There are a ton of changes to go over, so we’re going to break these out in to two separate updates. Today you will get notes on Shadow Lords, and Monday (the day before the patch) you will get competitive balance notes. Sound good? Awesome.


As we prepare to dive in to the Shadow Lords portion, allow us to remind everyone of one major change that is coming with 3.5 on Tuesday – Windows 10 PC players will be REQUIRED to be on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Killer Instinct to function. For more details on this change, give the following article a read:


Alright, back to business. Let’s dive in to 3.5


High-Level 3.5 Feature Additions

Added Daily Loot Reward System to Main Menu

  • Added Shadow Missions in Shadow Lords Mode!
  • Moved Shadow Activity Auto Check from Shadow Lab to during DLC Check
  • Added Unlockable Shadow Character Skins to Store and Shadow Lab
  • Updated Shadow Point Tiers
  • Added new “Top Shadow” Leaderboard
  • Improved Shadow Lords In-Game functionality to show other players
  • Streamlined Shadow Lords First Time User Experience
  • Updated Shadow Lords missions
  • Updated Shadow Lords character-specific buffs
  • Added New Guardians (Coming Soon)
  • Added 11 New Consumables
  • Added 11 New Artifacts
  • Full 3.5 Combat Balance Pass
  • Added New Shadow Lords End-Game Rewards




New Shadow Lords Quests

You must defeat Shadow Lords at least once before you can see these quests


  • Shadowborn

You must complete the Relic Hunt quest before Shadowborn will show. This quest will unlock a 4-part quest line that unlocks new Mission types.


  • Kan-Ra’s Request

*Editor’s Note* I specifically removed the names of the rest of the quests that were listed here to leave some intrigue as to what they are. Yes, we are referring to this Update as “Eyedol Awakens” for a specific reason.


Character Specific Buffs

The following characters have permanent Artifacts equipped to them:



  • Immortal Spirit – Tusk always returns to War Room gravely injured when defeated *Only Gargos can actually Kill Tusk

Kim Wu

  • Dragon Spirit – Kim Wu’s Dragon Canon deals 20% more damage


  • Vampiric Spirit – Mira’s projectiles drain the opponent’s Instinct meter


  • ????


11 New Artifacts


  • CorrodedDemonTalisman
    • For 3 Turns: 10% chance to deal Critical Hit damage
  • MoldyLizardFoot
    • For 3 Turns: Opponent’s attacks drain their own Shadow Meter


  • RustyDemonTalisman
    • For 3 Turns: 15% chance to deal Critical Hit damage
  • OdorousLizardFoot
    • For 5 Turns: Opponent’s attacks drain their own Shadow Meter


  • SuperbScrollOfFocus
    • For 3 Turns: Start Match with 100% Instinct
  • PristineSpiderTalisman
    • For 3 Turns: Start with Full Shadow Meter
  • PristineDemonTalisman
    • For 3 Turns: 25% chance to deal Critical Hit damage
  • EmbalmedLizardFoot
    • For 3 Turns: Opponent’s attacks drain their own Shadow and Instinct Meter


  • SuperbScrollOfResurrection
    • Revive member with 50% health
  • LifeEmber
    • For 3 Turns: Return to War Room gravely injured when defeated in battle
  • FulgorePlating
    • For 3 Turns: Take No Chip Damage


11 New Consumables


  • Adrenaline Stim Alpha MkI
    • 10% increased damage for 15 seconds and generate full Instinct Meter
  • Adrenaline Stim Beta MkI
    • 10% increased damage and restore 20% health over 15 seconds
  • MoldyWolfHeart
    • Full Attack Damage On Block for 15 seconds


  • ARES Battle Stim Mk II
    • Shadow Meter Regen for 30 seconds
  • Adrenaline Stim Alpha MkII
    • 20% increased damage for 15 seconds and generate full Instinct Meter
  • Adrenaline Stim Beta MkII
    • 20% increased damage and restore 20% health over 15 seconds
  • OdorousFingernail
    • Immune to Combo Breakers, Melee Damage Increase by 10%


  • Adrenaline Stim Alpha MkIII
    • 30% increased damage for 15 seconds and generate full Instinct Meter
  • EmbalmedFingernail
    • Immune to Combo Breakers, Melee Damage Increase by 20%
  • Embalmed Wolf Heart
    • Unblockable and prevents opponent from gaining Shadow Meter for 15 seconds


  • FusionTissuePrototype
    • Regenerates Health, Shadow, and Instinct Meter until hit


Updated Consumables and Artifacts

  • Gibraltar Shield MkIII is now a Rare item
  • Odorous Wolf Heart is now a Rare item
    • You no longer receive “FREE” Shadow Moves. Instead, Shadow Meter regenerates quickly. This prevents infinite combos from occurring during round end.
  • Hammer of Sol is now a Rare item
  • Embalmed Calf Liver is now an Epic item
  • Elixir of Stoneskin no longer gives “FREE” Shadow Moves. It now regenerates Shadow Meter quickly over time.
  • Blade of Ritual Sacrifice now reduces Shadow Meter cost by half, but also causes you to very slowly take Potential Damage over time


New Dossiers

  • Adrenaline Stim Alpha
  • Fusion Tissue Prototype
  • Demon Talisman
  • Lizard Foot
  • Life Ember
  • Fulgore Plating
  • Shadow Lord (Artifact)
  • Immortal Spirit
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Vampiric Spirit


New Shadow Lords Rewards!

  • Gem rewards are given to the player whether they win or lose versus Boss Gargos in the Match Summary screen. The number of Gems given is based on Playthrough Score.
  • New End Game Points Mechanic: Defeat Gargos with all Buffs
    • Normal: 50,000
    • Challenging: 75,000
    • Godlike: 100,000
  • Updated End Game rewards to give out New Artifacts and Consumables

3.5 Shadow Lords Balance Tweaks

Boss Gargos

  • Slightly reduced chances for Minion Summon
  • Minions no longer attack during Resurrection
  • Resurrection – Changed the way Resurrection functions per difficulty
    • All difficulties – Reduced Health Regen Speed
    • Normal – Health regen reaches a cap near 60% health instead of 100%
    • Challenging – Health regen caps at 100%
    • Godlike – Health regen caps at 100%. Additional attack performed if full Resurrection occurs.


The intent behind Resurrection is to keep players on their feet and figure out ways to stop him from resurrecting. Since Gargos is in an armored state, the idea is that you use a Heavy Attack to get a free hit off of him, stopping the Resurrection altogether. These changes will give players more time to come up with a strategy that works on easier difficulties.


The new changes also make it possible to slow the process of Resurrection down with something like a Shadow Fireball, which then gives you even more time to land a Heavy Attack.


AI Tweaks

  • Reduced number of attacks that the AI performs on lower difficulties
  • Slightly reduced the AI’s chances for blocking attacks, especially after mixups
  • Fixed an issue that caused Omen to spam crouching attacks from incorrect ranges
  • Slightly reduced the AI’s chances for performing Combo Breakers in higher mission difficulties
    • This was really something that only affected Omen and Gargos. This was temporarily patched in 3.4.2 but an improved solution was added in 3.5.


There’s still more to go over between now and Tuesday, so keep it locked here for the juicy information. Let us know what you think in the forums, and we’ll catch you later.