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November 29th 8 Bit Beat Down Kombo Klash Results!

UltraTech Timestamp:

This week’s 8 bit Beat Down Kombo Klash is a Killer Instinct World Cup Qualifier with $3,000 on line for the top 8 finishers in a stacked 148 man online tournament!

Congratulations to this week’s Top 8 Finalists:

1. F3 Sleep 2. UL Zergkiller 3. DaytonJ 4. LLPaulBLL 5. RayRayMonkey NS 5. UA Tswagg 7. CrazyLCD 8. Emporer Rebelo

Check out the brackets to see who will compete in this stacked tournament today on

The 8 Bit Beat Down Top 16 will be streamed on starting at 6pm EST. Be sure to tune in and watch all the action.

Top 8 prize money and points will be distributed as listed below:

1st – $1500, 1024 Pts + Qualify, Voucher for Free KI Figure 2nd – $750, 512 Pts, Voucher for Free KI Figure 3rd – $250, 256 Pts, Voucher for Free KI Figure 4th – $150, 128 Pts 5th ( Tie ) – $100, 64 Pts

The Top 3 will also be awarded a very special prize courtesy of our friends over at Ultimate Source.

 For more information and how to sign up for future events visit to learn more. Give them a follow on