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8 Bit Beatdown Highlights from Week 32

UltraTech Timestamp:

[youtube video=”7HTBE_3h5YI” ]

You know the drill. Another week, another 8 Bit Beatdown update. I’ll keep this part short and sweet and get you right to Zombo with the goods. Take it away!

Hello all you Killers! We are back with another 8BBD Top 8. In Season 2 Week 32 of the Beat Down we had a bloodbath of a Top 8. So many characters represented cementing the fact that any character is tournament viable. Joining me this week on commentary was non-other than the former Community Manager Mike Robles. We saw the rise of C88 PinkDiamond as she adapted to get into grand finals with TheOnryo ( aka PaulB ). Sickle 9 was also playing very well bringing his high level Glacius into Top 8! Its amazing to see how much this community has leveled up!

Also we are proud to announce that the Kombo Klash Online, hosted by the 8-Bit Beat Down, signups are now live at as well as the following 8BBD’s. See you all next week!

– Zombo Co-Owner