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8 Bit Beatdown Highlights from Week 33

UltraTech Timestamp:

[youtube video=”cid_6jN-SwM” ]

Another week, and another set of 8 Bit Beatdown highlights for you to consume. Like always, I’ll let Zombie do the talking. Enjoy!

Time for another 8BBD Top 8 highlight! This week had an amazing turnout with 126 entrants and over 650 spectating! This week I was joined at the commentators table by UA xFlashx as we watched this bloodbath of a Top 8. We got to see amazing play from Zergkiller TBH ( Aganos) as well as the return of C88 PinkDiamond ( Maya ). Also love to welcome two new faces Hecrob ( Kan-Ra ) and Gunstariq ( Jago ) to their first Top 8 performances! In Top 3 we got to watch Diamond, cR Cupcake ( Wulf ), and UA PaulB ( Wulf/Hisako ) compete for cash prizes! Make sure to watch to see the amazing outcome of this week’s 8-Bit Beat Down! Also do not forget to sign up next week @!

– Zombie Co-Owner