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8 Bit Beatdown Highlights from Week 34

UltraTech Timestamp:

[youtube id=”26oay2bRlmI” ]

Zombie’s back! Time to dive right in to the results from the latest 8 Bit Beatdown!

Holy Ultratech was this week’s 8BBD amazing! We had Rash as a legal tournament character as well as a surprise pot for Top 3 from Ultimate Source ( @ultimatetoy on twitter ). In this weeks Top 8 we had two new faces, C88 TBNDaymein ( Sadira ) and SonicDolphin117 ( Cinder/Glacius ). With them returning champions UA Bass ( Spinal ), UA PaulB ( Wulf/Rash ), thompxson ( Jago ), and Mackmane504 ( Orchid ). As well as KPB \ 8BBD Grief ( Sadira/Rash ) and C88 PinkDiamond ( Maya ) showing how much training they have put into their craft! On commentary I was joined by HKSmash ( @RealHKsmash on twitter ). Make sure to watch this top 8 unfold as these amazing players fight it out for cash prizes! Next weeks 8BBD will have a pot of $1000 for Top 8 and Killer Instinct World Cup Points for Top 16! Dont forget to sign up at!

Love – Zombie