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8 Bit Beatdown Highlights from Week 40

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Did you happen to miss the latest 8 Bit Beatdown that took place Sunday evening? If so, fret not, we’ve got the Top 16 right here for your viewing pleasure.

This particular 8BB had a pot split of $1,000 from the KI Community Fund, which if you undoubtedly recall helped raise $100,000 which has gone towards various tournaments such as EVO, CEO, Combo-Breaker, and you guessed it, 8 Bit Beatdown.

Before you go off to check out the highlights, a huge congrats to cR Cupcake and RM Shin Paulo, who found themselves dueling for the top spot in this month’s 1K tourney. Alas, it was cR Cupcake who would eventually take the crown with a 3-1 series win, so we’d like to extend another round of applause for the performance. Congrats on the win, and we can’t wait to see you defend your title.

For more information on the 8 Bit Beatdown, make sure to check out their site at: