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8 Bit Beatdown Highlights from Week 41

UltraTech Timestamp:

After the last tournament, which had a $1,000 community-funded pot, the 8 Bit Beatdown is back from its one week hiatus.

This week’s tournament featured many familiar faces, and ended up with a final match between SeaDragonX and UA Tswagg. We won’t give you any real spoilers here, but the competition was intense, and it took all 5 matches to determine the ultimate winner.

As always, big shoutout to everyone that made it in to the Top 8, but a special shout to SeaDragonX and UA Tswagg, our two finalists for the week. Check out the action from the Top 8 above, and enjoy!

For more information on the 8 Bit Beatdown, make sure to check out their site at: