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8 Bit Beatdown Week 43 Results

UltraTech Timestamp:

Week 43 of the weekly free online Killer Instinct tournament 8 Bit Beatdown will be getting underway this afternoon.

(UPDATE)This week’s 8 Bit Beatdown results below:

1st – L Pro Death UV ( TJ Combo ) 2nd – UA Tswagg ( Sadira / Omen ) 3rd – UL ZeroMayCry ( Aria ) 4th – UL Zergkiller ( Aganos ) 5th – BM Dactyl ( Kan-Ra ) 5th – ThrashHeavy ( TJ Combo ) 7th – NikMillz ( Jago ) 7th – Sniggled ( Glacius )

Thank you to the 8 Bit Beatdown team for hosting these amazing weekly events. Be on the look out for a Killer Insight interview later this week involving the 8 Bit Beatdown organizer Evan Gengo.

Check out the brackets to see who will compete in the Top 16 later today on

Top 16 qualifier pools are scheduled to begin at 2 pm EST.

You can then watch the top 16 live stream on at 6pm EST.

For more information and how to sign up for future events visit to learn more.