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KI Tips & Tricks: Dealing with Cinder’s Trailblazer Crash into Shadow Inferno

Killer Instinct player Bastfree shows you how to punish Cinder’s Trailblazer crash cancelled into Shadow Inferno with every character in this great community tutorial video.

3.9 Patch Notes

Look, it’s a patch notes blog! You know what that means, right? The 3.9 patch is coming. Soon™.  A tiny bit of bad news now: we thought we had things… Read More

“Inferno” T-Shirt Available From Eighty Sixed

No pun intended, this shirt is hot! With an ego surpassing his talents, black ops soldier-turned-paramilitary contractor Ben Ferris was a white hot commodity even before taking a job to… Read More

3.8 Patch Notes

It’s time! Sort of. It’s time to go over 3.8 Patch Notes. The actual patch – aka Content Update – is set to arrive in the morning (Pacific business hours)… Read More

Gold Skin Pack 5 Now Availabe

Despite a small blip in our release schedule 2 weeks ago, Gold Skin Pack 5 is now available for Killer Instinct.   This particular pack includes Gold Skins for the… Read More

3.7 Patch Notes

Hey, everyone. Hope you enjoyed the dev stream we had at the Killer Instinct World Cup earlier today. It is an awesome feeling to be able to gather everyone in… Read More

Killer Instinct DE

Access the entire Killer Instinct universe in this definitive edition packed with content from all three seasons.

Every character is here—all 26, including special edition Shadow Jago—plus all 20 stages with visual upgrades and lighting changes. Also included are every song and character trailer in the Killer Instinct archives, never-before-seen concept artwork, an interactive universe map, and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.