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Beam Plays Killer Instinct

UltraTech Timestamp:

Hey all,


You may recall from our developer panel at the Killer Instinct World Cup last week news of Shin Hisako’s release on March 21st, but the unique opportunity to unlock her early by playing KI on Beam. Well, that program kicked off yesterday, but we are making a few tweaks.


Initially, we had the lofty goal of having you play through Shadow Lords using Shin Hisako. Actually, the goal wasn’t that lofty, however, the implementation was. We tested this feature the week before with a few volunteers. Beam’s low latency makes playing Killer Instinct through a stream very possible, but we didn’t quite account for was the sheer number of folks all being able to access the controls at once. It made things admittedly tedious, so we are changing things up a bit.


Yesterday was very much a test. A successful test, too. But now, instead of having you trudge (by committee) through the depth of Shadow Lords, we decided to let you use Shin Hisako in practice mode to get a feel for the character before her launch. We still want to release her early, as well, so our new goal is 1,000 viewer hours on Beam. Once we hit that target, we will release Shin Hisako.


To put this in perspective, on Monday we hit nearly half of that goal. Today’s stream is going already, so we are well on our way. So all you need to do is jump into and use the interactive controls to unlock Shin Hisako!


That’s all for now. We’ll give you an update on how we are doing at the end of the day!