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Behind the Sticks – Seadragon

Tell us about yourself.   My name is Jamill, but most of you call me SeaDragon. I’m a 16 year old Killer Instinct player, known to be one of the… Read More

Behind the Sticks – F3 HollywoodSleep

What a difference one year can make. In 2015, Darnell Waller, aka HollywoodSleep ended his EVO journey in 3rd Place. For most people, this would be all the validation you… Read More

Behind the Sticks – Circa Nicky

Hey everyone! Hope the Summer has been going well. I know it’s been a hot one as of late! This week I had the opportunity to talk w/ Circa Nicky,… Read More

Behind the Sticks – BH|Thompxson

Coming off of his back-to-back Major wins, I had the chance to talk with BH|Thompxson. We discuss his history with Killer Instinct, how he trains, and if he’s ready to… Read More