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CEO 2016: Thompsxon Claims Back-to-Back Major Wins!

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Welcome Killer Instinct Fans! Hope everyone is enjoying General RAAM, our third Guest Character!

This past weekend at CEO 2016, a major fighting game tournament in Orlando, FL, some of the best players in the Killer Instinct Community competed for a chance to win the coveted CEO Championship Belt!

This year saw 115 entrants, a growth of over 25% compared to last year, who battled it out over 4 grueling pools in hopes to make it into the Top 8 on the main stage, which took place in an actual wrestling ring! Additionally, CEO was a KI World Cup Qualifier. That means the winner gets a qualifying spot for the KI World Cup next March in San Antonio, Texas. Learn more about the KI World Cup HERE.

CEO’s Top 8 saw mostly familiar faces in the Community, although some may not be familiar with Mister J’s impressive Aganos play.

Top 8 Starting Bracket, Characters and Contenders


BH|Thompsxon – Jago

F3 Hollywood Sleep – Arbiter

SG|Fiyah Liger – Riptor

Circa|Nicky – Fulgore

GXG|Mister J – Aganos/Sadira

Grief – Sadira/Maya

UA|Bass – Cinder

PAG|Pink Diamond – Maya/Orchid

After losing to Sleep in the very first set of Top 8, Thompxson fought his way back to Grand Finals for a rematch. In Grand Finals, Thompxson was able to defeat Sleep 3-2 in the first set, resetting the bracket and finally defeating Sleep 3-1 and becoming the CEO 2016 Killer Instinct Champion! Since Thompxson already qualified for the World Cup (for winning Combo Breaker not even a month ago!), Nicky qualified and will be competing in March.

Below is how the entire Top 8 shook out.

CEO Bracket

Congratulations once again to BH|Thompxson for winning CEO 2016! With back to back Major Tournament wins, can he complete the “Triple Crown” of Tournament wins and win EVO 2016? We will have to wait a few short weeks to find out! See you all there!

Rewatch the entire Top 8 here:


Your CEO 2016 Killer Instinct Top 8 (In order from L-R: UA|Bass, Grief, GXG|Mister J, PAG|Pink Diamond, BH|Thompsxon, F3 Hollywood Sleep, Circa|Nicky, SG|Fiyah Liger)