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Changes Coming to Ranked Leagues

UltraTech Timestamp:

There are some changes coming to Ranked Leagues, so we sat down with Design Director, James Goddard, to go over what to expect. Check out the video above for a quick rundown of what’s happening.

Design Director James Goddard is going to take the floor from here to explain what these changes mean.

Ranked 2.0 Features: Tons of feedback and with season 3 launching on 3/29 here is what is coming!

Rank Reset at 12:01am PDT April 1st – Note that all stats, Pro Stars are safe.

-Everyone will start from qualifier again. -Note: the timing of 4/1/16 @12:01pm ensures all the march top32 efforts are safe & locked. -No this is not a joke or trolling people. -We have no plans for future resets at this time, we are looking at a seasonal model TBD, need feedback from the community. Once per year, every 6 months? Tell us what you think.

Optional re-qualify once a month: Players can choose to start over from the Qualifiers 1 time per month. This was a request from players that got into higher tiers and wanted to go lower to have more equal match-ups. This is also a very useful feature for when players are learning a new character, still want to play ranked but would like to start over.

Anti-cheat: New built in cheating protection to stop cheaters from gaining points and climbing ladders/leaderboards by cheating. If you are cheating, you will get a warning, then put on probation. When in Probation, you will get zero points on a win for a disconnect of ANY TYPE.

Killer Monthly Play:  Killers need to play at least 1 game every month to keep their Killer status. If inactive for a full monthly Killer cycle (1st-end of month/Top 32 Killer reset) Killer players will go back to the start of Gold Tier.

New promotional match: To promote to the next tier, players now must win vs the Same Tier or Higher. Example: Silver must beat another Silver or higher to get to Gold. If you lose you get setback a bit and have to play back to the promotion match. Point values for wins vary by tier, so this could be roughly 3-6 matches vs the same tier opponent.

Best 2/3 now in Gold Tier: By popular demand, 2/3 ranked battles now is also in Gold Tier!  So any Gold vs. Gold, or even Gold vs. Killer is now 2/3!  Killers beware, the Gold tier is coming for you!