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Crimson Fractured Ward: Available in Shadow Lords

UltraTech Timestamp:

Two weeks ago we introduced the Crimson Guardians to the Shadow Lords Emporium, and with it, you got your look at the Crimson Vampire Bat. Crimson Guardians differ from Killer-tiered versions, boasting near identical stats…with a twist.


This week we are happy to bring you the next Crimson Guardian available: The Crimson Fractured Ward.


If you’re curious to see what the Crimson Fractured Ward boasts stat-wise, take a look at the photo below.



The Crimson Fractured Ward is available now, and will be on sale until Monday evening. So…without trying to sound like a broken record every week…make sure to grab this Guardian before it is gone.


This pack will run you 10,000 Astral Gems, or 2,000 KI Gold. Your choice!