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Crimson Guardians Available in Shadow Lords

UltraTech Timestamp:

Long ago, when the Guardians escaped the massacre of the Ichoriens and fled through a portal to our dimension, a cluster of these Astral creatures were cut off from their kind. They became trapped in the gap between the planes of existence—a cosmic no man’s land.


These beings would have perished in this interdimensional limbo if not for the discovery of a source of sustenance: the energy from a luminous red nova that was leaking into the void. They fed on the rays, and their color changed to match the spectrum of the dying sun.


As Gargos grew in power, he became aware of these strange new Crimson Guardians, and he freed them from their prison, hoping to bend them to his will. But the Crimson Guardians had grown strong, and they would not serve the Shadow Lord. They bolted from the Astral Plane, flying through one of Gargos’ own portals, alighting on our world.


The old Guardians are wary of these altered brethren, for they exhibit strange and prodigious new powers. The Crimson Vampire is very rare. When bonded with a fighter, this Guardian displays all the same attributes as the original Vampire. But the Crimson variant provides Critical Hits: attacks randomly have the chance of doing additional damage.


The first Crimson Guardian pack is available and gives you access to the Crimson Vampire Bat. The pack also includes another Rare or better Guardian. The pack will run you 2,000 KI Gold or 10,000 Astral Gems. Like other packs won’t be around forever. So get it while the getting is good.