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Day 1 of Shadow Lords – Changes Incoming!

UltraTech Timestamp:

Hey everyone!


It’s so awesome to see that Shadow Lords is now available to the masses! The team has been watching all the streams and reading every piece of feedback provided. It’s always great to know what you guys are thinking, so keep it coming!


One of the biggest hot topics right now is the difficulty of the mode. Yes, it definitely has gotten tougher since the beta. That much is intentional. However, some of the changes caused the difficulty to spike a bit too far! The good news is that we’re listening and readied up a hotfix that addresses many of these concerns.


Universal Changes

• Decreased DMG and DEF rating of all Power Levels • Decreased DMG and DEF rating of Shadow Lord Gargos • Made it so that Fang of Gargos (Damage Increase) is no longer Guaranteed to spawn in every Playthrough • Decreased Gargos’ Powers across all difficulties


Crazy Omen

So Omen was a bit of an interesting case. This dude was doing some crazy things! We’re still investigating why he’s so angry. Because of this, we’re decreasing the difficulty of Omen on Challenging. This should make him significantly easier to fight.


Shadow Lord Gargos

As you may have noticed, Shadow Lord Gargos has received quite an upgrade since the beta. He has new moves, new combos, and a new ability – Resurrection. Wowow!


There are a few ways to deal with Resurrection. One is to defeat Gargos when he has less than 50% Instinct Meter. But what about when he’s actually Resurrecting? Here are some step by step tips!


1. Stay calm. You got this! 2. As Gargos is rising up from his Resurrecting, press any standing Heavy Attack


Since Gargos is armored, a Heavy Attack will cancel his Resurrection and knock him to the ground. If you do this at the right time, you can get him to about 35% life! Some characters and Guardian combinations can even take him out in a single combo!!


Guardians And You

Guardians are extremely important if you want to succeed in this mode. Getting the best one may take multiple playthrough, as well. This is expected.


Here is a general tier list of Guardian vs Power Level –


  • Common Guardian > Power Level 1 and Power Level 2
  • Rare Guardian > Power Level 3
  • Epic Guardian > Power Level 4
  • Killer Guardian > Power Level 5


This is something that will become more obvious in a later update once we display the DMG value an opponent has alongside yours in the VS screen. Additionally, you can also buff your characters up by equipping Artifacts and consumables. The Dragonskin Nanobots and Myogene Nanobots are must-haves 


Just remember, dying is and has always been 100% expected when playing this mode. The good news is that you’ll always have something that makes you even stronger in your next playthrough.


Secret Stuff

Getting a High Score is a pretty big deal if you want the best rewards.

Hmm… wonder what this one does…?