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Double XP Weekend May 26th-30th

UltraTech Timestamp:

It is about that time again, wouldn’t you say?! Time to enjoy a long weekend, kick back, hand out beatdowns, and earn twice the amount of base XP as you normally would. More specifically, this event runs from May 26th until May 30th.


Yes, it will be a good weekend to enjoy some Killer Instinct.


Friendly reminder, if you own the Season 3 Ultra Edition or the Supreme Edition of KI, you already have a lifetime Double XP Booster. Pair that with this weekend’s event and you’ll be earning 3x the XP. Purchase a Booster from the Store? That stacks too. All in all, you’ll have the potential to earn up to 4x the base XP for the duration of this long weekend.


Like all good things, though, this will not last forever, so enjoy it while you can. There will be another Double XP weekend next month, so don’t fret if you can’t join this time around.


That’ll do it for us. We’ll see you online. Until next time…