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Eagle’s Accessories

UltraTech Timestamp:

Eagle is coming, but that’s no shock to you. It’s a funny coincidence, however, that this post is being written as I sit at 30,000 feet, soaring through the air like a certain bird of prey. That’s the closest we’ll get to a horrible pun, promise.


We’re here today to bring you a look at Eagle’s accessory sets, so let’s do that now…starting with his default look which can be seen above. Below are the following sets – Snow Warrior, Wasteland Gear, & Ultratech Armor. Keep in mind that the Ultratech Armor set is a premium set and must be purchased with KI Gold.



Next, let’s have a loot at Eagle’s retro accessory sets, starting, of course, with his default look.



Are you ready to test your skills when it comes to pronunciation of another culture’s vernacular? Let’s go! Here are the sets for Eagle’s retro look – tewiisin’ taawmal, qilaasx taaqmal, & yoosyoos cepeek’ilkt. The 3rd set, yoosyoos cepeek’ilkt, is…you guessed it…a premium set and must be purchased with KI Gold.



Well there’s your look at Eagle’s accessories. He’ll be dropping later this month (after E3, and after CEO – and you know how we love making noise late in the month), so keep an eye out here as we unveil more about him before his release.


Drop in the forums, let us know what you think, and we’ll catch you later!