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Eagle’s Hero Art

UltraTech Timestamp:

You may have noticed that we teased Eagle’s Hero Art earlier this week on Twitter (if you didn’t or don’t follow us on Twitter, let’s correct that shall we?).



Well, today is the day we release the full blown Hero Art image in glorious 4k for you to use at your disposal as a desktop wallpaper, or just to have.


A few notes about Eagle:

  • Eagle will release later this month with Content Update 3.8
  • The CU will release after E3 and after CEO (to give you proper timing expectations)
  • Pricing for Eagle will be revealed later – we know what you’re thinking. No, not another Community Fund, but more details when we launch the trailer
  • Speaking of the trailer,  we are targeting a release during E3/CEO week – anything can happen, but we will let you know where and when to watch
  • Speaking of E3, those of you awaiting a HUGE news drop during the briefing should note that our current focus is Eagle – more on that here
  • We’ll reveal more around Eagle as the weeks go by. Move lists, colors, retro, etc. Keep an eye out here for information


Ok, I am done rambling. Of course, you know you can swing by the forums to ask any and all questions you may have, or drop us a line on Twitter.


Enjoy the Hero Art, and we’ll see you later.