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Eyedol’s Default Colors

UltraTech Timestamp:

FULL TRANSPARENCY – Between a cancelled flight home from EVO and craziness back at the office, the original plan of releasing all of Eyedol’s Colors & Accessories today has gone out of the window, but there is still a small, silver lining.

I do have screenshots of Eyedol’s Default colors (1-9), but they have not been properly labeled, and the tools which I use to check & verify, aka my dev PC and dev Xbox, are back at the office…where I am not.

So, I will publish colors 1-9, but they are going to be out of order, and you will have to determine what you think each color is. Tomorrow, this article will be updated, and the colors will be placed in the proper order. Sound good? Good.

Without further delay, here are colors 2-9 (you can see 1 above). Enjoy!

As always, give us your thoughts and opinions in the forums!