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Free Stuff Friday – Astro Gaming A40 Speaker Tags

UltraTech Timestamp:


Did you see our custom Astro Gaming A40 Speaker Tags from PAX Prime this year? Well we’ve got a chance for you to win a set of your own!

This week’s Free Stuff Friday, if you already couldn’t tell, is for the collector’s out there. We’ve got a set of customer Speaker Tags sitting on our desk, and someone from the community needs them more than us.


How do you win? Simple.

-Go to this forum thread:

-Reply to the thread with the reason why you need this particular set of Speaker Tags (get creative – we like GIFs, videos, and the like)

-Sit idly by and wait as we select 1 random winner on Monday, October 12th at 10am PDT

“What?! Monday?! I thought this was Free Stuff Friday!” If you find yourself asking this question you’re not wrong. We’re starting this contest on Friday, but want to give folks as much time as possible to get those entries in.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it! And of course, good luck to you all.

Have a great weekend. We’ll catch you Monday.