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Free Stuff Friday – September 18th

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You know, we really wish someone would make a song about just how awesome and amazing Fridays are, but until that happens, we’ll just continue to celebrate Friday by giving out free stuff.

You may be thinking to yourself, “we haven’t had a FSF in quite a while,” and you’re correct in that thinking. Matter of fact the last time we did this was 2 weeks ago. Since we’re a week behind we’ve got an extra set of prizes to give out.

Our last Free Stuff Friday featured a signed copy of Killer Instinct Combo Breaker Pack, and we’re going to go ahead and give out 2 more of these copies this week. Sound good?


Now for the details: how does one enter? There are two ways. First, check the tweet below. Simply RT that tweet and you’re entered to win one copy of the game. Second, there’s a forum thread found at the bottom of this article. Click the link, log in to the forums, and leave a reply in that thread to be entered to win the second copy of the game. Simple enough.

When does entry close? Well since this is such a coveted prize, we figure we’d better let as many people get in on the action as possible, so this giveaway will run until Monday morning at 10 am PDT. That’s right, you’ve got all weekend to make sure you RT the above tweet and enter via the forums.

Don’t be a procrastinator. Do it now! Good luck, everyone.