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Free Stuff Friday – September 4th

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It’s Friday! Friday! Gotta give away free stuff on Friday!

Another iteration of Free Stuff Friday is here, and we’re throwing it back just a tiny bit to Season 1 with this giveaway. If the above picture is any indication, we’ve got some retail copies of Killer Instinct – Combo Breaker Pack up for grabs.

Of course you may be thinking to yourself, “that’s no big deal, I already own Season 1.” Well to make this a little bit sweeter, the folks here at Microsoft have provided our autographs on this edition. That’s right. This could be sitting on your mantle with signatures from the likes of Ken Lobb, Adam Isgreen, James Goddard, and more. If that’s not reason enough to get hyped, then I don’t know what is.

Well, time for the meat and potatoes of this giveaway: how does one enter?

That’s simple. Check out the Tweet below which has all the details.

There you have it. Get out there and earn yourself a signed copy of KI. We’ll be back with more next Friday!