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Free Stuff Friday – Shadow Jago

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Shadow Jago

Welcome to this iteration of Free Stuff Friday! We’ve got stuff to give away, and we’re sure you’re excited. What’s on the block for today’s giveaway? Shadow Jago!

Yes, we know. You want in. What’s it take to win him?

Rules -Reply to THIS THREAD¬†with your reason for needing Shadow Jago, with one caveat. Your response needs to be in GIF form. That’s right, we’re looking for a reason to giggle today.

-Please, one entry per person. Multiple replies in this thread will automatically disqualify you from this contest, so keep the spam away.

-It goes without saying that while this is a fun contest, let’s keep things appropriate. Anything of an “adult” nature will automatically disqualify you from this contest, and will result in a forum ban. If you have to ask, “is this appropriate for the forums,” it probably isn’t.

We will pick 3 RANDOM WINNERS tonight, Friday August 21st at 11:59pm PDT. So take your time, pick your best gif, and remember that you’d better come with something funny!

We’ll PM the random winners their code for Shadow Jago Saturday morning, so keep an eye out.

Good luck!

Get to it! Post your entries here: