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Gargos’ Colors, Costumes, & Accessories 50% off!

UltraTech Timestamp:

In case you missed the in game announcement this week, Gargos is currently the FREE Rotating Character this week in Killer Instinct. And to help in getting the Shadow Lord looking exactly how you want, we are discounting all his colors, costumes, and accessories at 50% off the KI Gold Price!

The price of each item will automatically take the discount off the item, all you’ll need to do is purchase with KI Gold.

Love the look of his Red Color 8 but don’t want to grind it out to Level 45? Just purchase it for 795 KI Gold! (Instead of the regular price of 1590 KI Gold)


This offer will last until sometime mid-day next Tuesday – 7/26 when we change the FREE Rotating Character for the week!

How will you style your Shadow Lord? What are you favorite color and accessory combinations? Let us know!

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