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Gargos Comes to Killer Instinct May 27th

UltraTech Timestamp:

Gargos is here! Well, sort of. Happy to say that Gargos launches for Ultra Edition owners on May 27th – not at midnight, rather, in the morning hours Pacific time. Make sure to keep an eye on the KI Twitter account for exact release details come next Friday.

A week. That’s how much time we have between now and the Gargos Content Update. Did you watch the live stream? If not you can rewatch it here.

We know, a week is too long to wait, but we’re hoping to soften that blow just a little in the form of a small community treat. We’re delivering Gargos early to the following folks, and giving them full access to the Shadow Lord himself to share with all of you.

TDB KI4Life // Maximilian dood // Redg1e // HKsmash // GutterMagic // xSkeletalx // C2 Mirage // OXS Benji // Tusk Odinson // MrBrett // Cstyles45 // TheCommanderp // Infilament // Sajam // Fincho Matic // rukizzel

The folks on this list can stream. They can make YouTube videos. They can play to their hearts desire. So hit the links, give them a follow, and look out to see when they decide to give you a sneak preview of Gargos and everything else the 3.15 Content Update holds.

Oh, another treat. Would you like the 4K Gargos Hero Art Wallpaper? BOOM.

That’ll do it from us today, but we hope you’ve enjoyed everything you saw. Give the folks above a follow and check out as much Gargos as you can! We’ll be back with more next week.