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How to Play

No matter how long you’ve been playing Killer Instinct, there’s always something new to learn! The below guides, created by some of our close collaborators, are here to help you become the best KI player possible.

Firstly, if you’re brand-new to KI: While there’s a lot that sets KI apart from other fighting games, KI’s signature mechanic is the Combo Breaker system, which allows for you to escape your opponent’s Combos with proper timing and execution.

Our 100% tournament-legal Combo Assist can also be used to make your combos flow with customizable levels of support, leaving you to focus on perfecting the ultimate strategy! When Combo Assist is active, you can still perform any and all special move inputs and other commands without having to turn it off, so you have full control over whether you would like to be responsible for every input or relax a bit – but no matter your choice, nothing changes about the moment-to-moment of the Combo/Combo Breaker/Counter Breaker interaction between opponents. You can learn more about Combo Breakers in the resources below.

For those looking to further their understanding of KI, whether it’s how-tos or familiarizing yourself with our 29 unique Fighters, the guides below will help you master the fundamentals and prep you to compete online or at tournaments like Combo Breaker!

Killer Instinct 10th Anniversary Community Stream 

For a quick intro to the basics, here’s a lesson Iron Galaxy’s Lead Combat Designer Keits went over with FGC creator Sharpie during an Iron Galaxy community stream.

Lessons featured: 

For more esports caster moments and FGC updates, check out Sharpie’s TikTok. 


ASSIST ME! Killer Instinct – Basics & Mechanics Tutorial – Maximilian Dood 

Even though Maximilian’s video is as old as KI 2013 itself, this video tutorial still captures the basics found in Killer Instinct today! Discover the Golden Path in this mechanics-focused tutorial.

For Max’s latest reactions to the Anniversary Edition update, click here

Lessons featured: 


The Complete Killer Instinct Guide by Infil

This guide is widely known as the most comprehensive Killer Instinct guide for players of all experience levels across the entire KI community.

Infil also has a handy Fighting Game Glossary that covers terminology featured around the entire fighting game community.

Lessons featured: 

Can you think of any other resources that have helped you become a better KI player? Reach out to us on our forums, Twitter/X or Facebook so we can share them here!