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Mira will be playable at the Iron Galaxy PAX East booth

UltraTech Timestamp:

You may have heard the news that Mira will be at the Astro Booth during PAX East this weekend. We’re excited to let you know that Mira will also be playable over at the Iron Galaxy Booth (Booth #7348) all weekend!

If you’re unable to attend the event live, we have even more good news. We’ll be unveiling her on the Twitch Main Stage at 10:45am edt on with a 15 minute intro.

Shortly after that we’ll be streaming a more in depth look of Mira and everything she has to offer at our booth on at 11:00am edt.

In case you miss out on Friday’s Mira stream Introduction,  we’ll be spending another dedicated hour with some exhibition matches Saturday from 5 to 6pm edt on our stream. If you have any questions about Mira, tweet at with #KISeason3 and #MIRA. We’ll try and answer what we can about her such as match ups, moves and more.


We have others plans all weekend involving some of our indie games such as VIDEOBALL and Capsule Force so be sure to stop by or tune in this weekend.


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