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KI Halloween Sale

UltraTech Timestamp:

We’ve picked a few of our favorite characters’ retro costumes, that have that oh-so-creepy Halloween feel, to put on sale for a limited time, so naturally we wanted to make sure you knew about it!


From now until Halloween (October 31st) there will be a 50% sale happening every 2 days. so make sure to check back here to see whose retro is available. Here’s a look at the sales so far:


10/22-10/23 – Spinal Retro 50% off

10/24-10/25 – Mira Retro 50% off

10/26-10/27 – Eyedol Retro 50% off

10/28-10/29 – Kan-Ra Retro 50% off

10/30-10/31 – All 4 Retros 50% off


Make sure to swing by every couple of days to see who’s next, and we hope you have a wonderful Halloween.