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UPDATED: KI Pro League Series Tournament Series 4/17 Results.

Posted by Microsoft Studios -

Top 8 Results for this past weekend’s KI Pro League tournament. Check out the full bracket here.

1st BH Thomxpson    Jago
2nd F3 Sleep    Fulgore/Arbiter
3rd Nicky NS   Fulgore
4th CrazyLCD   Kim Wu/Maya/Orchid
5th ToneriXSkate NS    Omen
5th UA TBNDaymein   Sadira
7th UA Bass  Spinal
7th xoPinkDiamondxo  Maya

We have the full archive of the event on our KI Twitch channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/killerinstinct/v/61377840

This weekend marks the start of a new Monthly tournament series by the same awesome people that bring you 8Bit Beatdown and the Killer Instinct World Cup. The Killer Instinct Pro League is a monthly tournament series that earns you qualifier points for the Killer Instinct World Cup taking place in early 2017. These are free to enter and a great learning experience.

Once Registration is closed Saturday night you’ll be able to find the brackets and your placement here: www.8BBD.INFO/VIEWBRACKETS. The pools will begin on Sunday at 2pm edt.

All of the Top 16 will be streamed on www.twitch.tv/KillerInstinct Sunday starting at 6pm edt. Whether you are competing in this event or just want to watch the best of the best compete, be sure to join the KI community in chat. There may even be some Killer Instinct Code giveaways from the dev team.

You have until Saturday at Midnight EDT to sign up for free. For all the information on how to enter and compete, please visit  http://8bitbeatdown.com/kipl-sign-up/.


If you’re unable to enter this weekend, here’s the rest of the 8Bit Beatdown and KI ProLeague Tournament schedule for 2016. Mark your calendars and best of luck.


Discuss the KI Prologue’s first event here.

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