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KI Thanksgiving Sales Event

UltraTech Timestamp:

While you’re gorging yourself on copious amounts of food, or just relaxing in the quietness that comes with the Holiday, we invite you to enjoy awesome KI Gold discounts on Shadow Lords Packs in the Emporium through Cyber Monday!


You know us, we love a good sale, and this weekend is the perfect opportunity to offer some amazing discounts to help you take on Gargos!


What’s on sale?


  • Healing: 900 gems, 400 300 Gold
  • Killer Pack: 17000 gems,  5250 2100 Gold
  • Epic Pack: 5000 gems,  2850 1140 Gold
  • Rare Pack: 1500 gems, 900 360 Gold
  • Common Pack: 500 gems, 250 100 Gold
  • Loot Pack: 1000 gems, 600 300 Gold


That’s not all, though. Boosters are also on sale. Here are the new Gold prices for this weekend:

  • 1 day booster: 750 188 gold
  • 3 day booster: 1500 375 gold
  • 9 day booster: 3000 750 gold


Enjoy the sales! Take advantage of them while you can, and we’ll catch you after the long weekend!