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KI World Cup Expands Participants and Payouts to 32 Players for $30,000!

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The Killer Instinct World Cup has grown!

Previously, the KI World Cup was set to be a showdown between 16 qualifiers for $10,000, contributed by Ultra Arcade. Today, we are pleased to announce that the Shadow Jago Community Fund is drastically expanding the KI World Cup!  The tournament will now feature 32 powerful Killer Instinct players, all fighting for their share of $30,000!

On top of that, qualifying for the finals bracket this January guarantees a payout, as the $30,000 prize pool is split all the way down the 32 participants!  However, not all 32 players will come from KI World Cup points qualifiers.

The top 24 KI World Cup points earners will solidify their spot in the finals bracket.

4 additional spots are being held for international qualifiers!  The first of which is Kombo Klash Japan!

The final 4 spots are reserved for last chance qualifiers on site at the KI World Cup itself! Thats right, even if players don’t have enough points to qualify, they can still show up, compete in a last chance qualifier, and make their way into the final bracket and the money! These last chance qualifiers will come in the form of four brutal single elimination brackets. Players are free to compete in all four of them to try to earn their spots in the finals!

Top 32 Pay out:

-1st $10,000.00

-2nd $3,500.00

-3rd $2,500.00

-4th $1,500.00

-5th $1,000.00

-7th $750.00

-9th $650.00

-13th $500.00

-17th $350.00

-25th $200.00


Saturday, Jan 30th – 4 Last Chance Qualifier brackets, special exhibition events, and more! Sunday, Jan 31st – The top 32 final bracket for $30,000!

We are also proud to announce that Rick Thiher of Combo Breaker is joining forces with the KI World Cup to make sure the event is as incredible as possible! As Production Manager, he will oversee the event and ensure that it is a one of a kind experience both for attendees and viewers!

Also on board with the KI World Cup is the symphonic metal band Heliosaga, who will be sponsoring the KI World Cup by donating half of their proceeds on all digital album sales of “Heliosaga: Towers in the Distance”. This money will go toward event and broadcast expenses and will help make the KI World Cup great! You can check out the album on the following retailers: Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, and Groove Music (available on all Windows devices and Xbox One).

The KI World Cup is brought to you in part by: Ultra Arcade, Microsoft Studios, Madcatz, Ultimate Source, One Six Studios, &!

Stay tuned for more announcements, as there will be even more reasons to come to San Antonio to experience the KI World Cup in person.

Check out the original press release on Ultra Arcade’s site: