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Kilgore Available for Purchase Today!

UltraTech Timestamp:

Hello, all!


Now that the 2017 Community Fund has come to an official close, and the exclusivity period for Kilgore is over, we are happy to bring him back for purchase at the price of $4.99.


If you recall, we ran the Community fund from January through March, with a percentage of Kilgore’s proceeds going into a bucket. ¬†This fund, when it was all said and done, raised more than $56,000 to go towards future KI events including the upcoming Combo Breaker¬†tournament happening in IL next month. Your support during this fund was amazing, so we wanted to take a moment to reiterate our deepest thanks for helping contribute.


So with that, Kilgore, again, is available for purchase at this lower (than original) price point. Head on over to the Xbox Store to grab Kilgore now. Ready for the link?




And if you’re looking to get some insight in to Kilgore and his moveset, make sure to check out the developer walkthrough from Adam and Isaac on the Iron Galaxy team, below.