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Kilgore’s Ultimate

UltraTech Timestamp:

We are headed closer and closer to the eventual release of the Ultimates Ultra Pack on May 2nd, and if you recall we promised to show you a new Ultra in that pack each Monday.


We’ve already seen Fulgore’s Ultimate, shown during the developer panel at the Killer Instinct World Cup, and last week we brought you Sadira’s Ultimate. That leaves 3 more. Kilgore, Riptor, and Aria. Yes, they will be shown in that order, too.


So without further ado, hit play on the video below and check out Kilgore’s Ultimate which comes included in the Ultimates Ultra Pack – releasing for FREE – on May 2nd.



Oh, and do us a favor. Drop into the forums to let us know what you think! We’ll be back next week with Riptor’s Ultimate. Until then…