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Killer Insight: ChereeZ

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This week we talk to ChereeZ from Eastern France, a huge Killer Instinct fan that supports the community any way she can. Read about her KI World Cup and community experiences.



Tell us about yourself.

My nickname that I have had since high school , ChereeZ, is what I’m known by in the KI Community. My parents created and raised my crazy entity in Strasbourg, a cold and amazing city located on the East Coast of France, right on the border of Germany. We are famous for our wine, food and for being the reason why French people hates Americans.

Who is your Favorite character?

She is my light in the darkness, her heart is full of pain, the elegant Goddess Sadira. I fell in love with her when I first touch the game at the Microsoft Store in New York weeks before the official release date. The coldness, her play style, her universe just hit me right in the heart. She represents my dark side. I stick with her now and forever. I am loyal to her. If I have a daughter one day, I plan to call her Sadira.

Your favorite KI theme?

Without hesitation, the opening theme called “The Instinct”. This track is so powerful. The drums and the guitar makes me feel invincible when I listen to it. I feel that I can beat Ronda Rousey by KO with just a pinch lol.

What got you into playing Killer Instinct?

I’ve never played the old NES version unfortunately. Back in the day, I was more into platform games and RPGs. I discovered Killer Instinct when they announced it at E3 2013. When I first looked at the game, I was not impressed to be honest. The combo breaker system was really strange to me. I was playing SSFIVAE at the time so I was used to getting rewarded for a full combo. One day, FilthieRich, the community manager at Double Helix came to the arcade Next Level in New York to let the players have their first hands on with KI before the release date. I was there. After 4 hours of playing the game, I decided to sell my soul to Killer Instinct for the rest of my life.

Is the KI Community your first FGC community?

Well, the Killer Instinct community is the only FGC that I’ve been involved with in such a high intensity. I’ve been playing SSFIVAE, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Rival Schools, Dead or Alive and Tekken 3 but in France sadly, I had no opportunity to meet others players because I come from a city of first person shooters. Therefore, it was really hard for me to be a part of a fighting game community. It was only when I moved to America 3 years ago that I discovered this whole new world. I started going to Next Level to train with high level players that I used to watch on stream back in France. I was literally starstruck the first few months lol. The same high level players introduced me to the Street Fighter community but I don’t know, the love wasn’t strong enough to push me to be a part of it. Killer instinct on the other hand, it’s my baby. I saw it coming to life, growing, changing style, etc…Same for the community. I know and love every member of it. We are a family.

What tournaments have you been able to attend?

My first KI tournament was Resistance 4 in Connecticut early 2015 then Winterbrawl in Philadelphia, Evolution 2015 in Vegas and the Killer Instinct World Cup 2016 in San Antonio, Texas. I made a highlight video of my EVO 2015 experience:

Any advice for new KI players?

I mean, who am I to give advice especially when I still need to improve lol. The only thing that I can say is NEVER BE SCARED TO ASK FOR HELP! The KI community is full of the most amazing souls that I’ve met in my life. There is always someone who is ready to help with match ups, technicals questions or even to find best way to break out with your crazy girlfriend, KI got your back ! If you are a positive player who want to learn about this wonderful game, we will be very happy to welcome you.

Any advice for other ladies that want to get into the scene?

The crucial question lol. I just have one advice for new female gamers in Killer Instinct or in general, stay true to yourself! This is my everyday mojo. I am a gamer before everything. I am competitive and I want to prove to myself that I can be a good player. I don’t work enough for it but I am getting there. My KI friends noticed that I am hungry for knowledge, that I love the game and want to help the community grow, that I am myself and this is why they respect me. I’ve never had any problem with anybody because of the fact that I am a woman. As long as you know that you are here to play games and have a good time doing it, everything will be fine . So girl, if you read this, forget the “Gender issue”and let’s press some buttons (If someone bothers you, I will send Brandon Alexander to take care of it). Quick shout out to my ladies who are fighting with me online and offline, KammiThrKiller, Pink Diamond, Nighshaydes and Junie B Jones.

How was your Killer Instinct World Cup experience?

BEST HUMAN EXPERIENCE IN 28 YEARS OF EXISTENCE ON EARTH! We will need a whole book to talk about it. Simple, it was a family reunion. I left my family in France 3 years ago to find another one in San Antonio. I have a huge smile on my face writing this answer. It was unforgettable. All the players who are now close friends were reunited for the love of one game, Killer Instinct. I had such a wonderful time. I want to send a COSMIC shout out to the one and only Brandon and his team ULTRA ARCADE for making that possible. I can’t wait for next year. KIWorldCup is bigger than Evo for me. Of course you guys noticed that I’m trying to be emotional about this so I can make you forget my horrible performance on stream against the Riptor.

I saw you recently tweeted about being offered a sponsorship to attend more events, want to tell us about that?

Since I start playing KI, of course being one of the few females to play the game brings me some attention and I understand. I don’t blame them. Recently I’ve received a few propositions to be a part of a team and get sponsored. I refused each one of them for two reasons : 1. I don’t feel that I am at in a place where I can show a good quality of performance. 2. By respect for the 300 guys/girls who work 273,847 times more than I do and get no attention for whatever marketing reasons. I stay true to myself. I am decent but even if I know that the look is a advantage, I don’t want to play this “ I-am-beautiful and you know it buy-my product” card. I respect the people who can use their looks to their advantage, it’s their life. I just choose to be good first and beautiful later. It’s all about who you decide to be and what you can offer to the world.

Are you excited about Season 3?

I am super ultra excited for season 3. I feel that the game will be at its full potential and bring new players to our community. Come on, please, Rash and his sexy taunt… PEOPLE LOVE IT! I know I do. I would let every Rash taunt me. It’s funny and fresh, we needed that. The character balances changes are pretty much fair, the new lighting is just gorgeous and I ADORE THE NEW SADIRA MOVES! With KI World Cup putting Killer Instinct under the Esports spotlight, Season 3 will be the key to a very promising future.

What do you have planned next for the Killer Instinct Community?

The community means a lot to me and I want for more people to know about us and see how we are evolving together. So I decide to start a little Vblog about my adventures at KI tournaments or events. Streams are really useful but I want to show a face of KI that not a lot of people can see unless they attend live events. The true face. I want to share the unit that we’ve built and that we keep building together. I’m still at the beginning but I have plenty of ideas for us. I am excited.

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