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Killer Insight: Diamond “xopinkdiamondxo” Freeland

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Welcome back to Killer Insight. This week we have Diamond “xopinkdiamondxo” Freeland as our guest to talk about her first tournament experience at EVO.

This week we speak with Diamond Freeland. She tells us about her EVO experience competing in KI which involves a major upset and gives some great advice for upcoming players.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Diamond “xopinkdiamondxo” Freeland from Baltimore Maryland. EVO was one of my first tournament experiences.

Pinkdiamond focused on Killer Instinct
xopinkdiamondxo practicing Killer Instinct

Favorite Character:

Diamond: Maya.

Favorite KI Music Track?

Diamond: Killer Instinct 2, Jago’s Bridge stage theme.

What got you into playing Killer Instinct(Did you play the original arcade games/snes version etc.)? Diamond: I’ve Been playing KI since SNES and Nintendo 64.

Is KI your first Competitive fighting game? Diamond: Yes.

Do you remember your breakthrough moment competing in KI that made you feel comfortable as a competitor?

Diamond: Yes. It was after my EVO experience.

How often do you practice, is it mostly online or offline with friends?

Diamond: For the most part online with friends and offline lab.

At EVO this year, you defeated Double Helix’s former KI Community Manager FilthieRich in the tournament. What was that experience like and how did you prepare for that match?

Diamond: Omg lol I was so nervous after hearing how good his Glacius was. I actually had a talk with my mentor cr cupcake before evo. He told me that I was gonna make it out of pools but to watch out for Filthierich’s Glacius. I trained against Glacius for 4hrs before EVO just so I could be familiar with the match up offline. When I got on stream to play Filthierich I was soo nervous. Once I heard he wasn’t as familiar with Season 2 characters I took advantage of that and won.

Any advice for upcoming players in KI, What is your usual practice regimen like for a tournament?

Diamond: I would say practice every day like I did. Never get nervous when you gotta fight a top player. Your nerves will make you lose. If you need help, find a top player who can teach you how to get better. If it wasn’t for cr cupcake I wouldn’t be as good as I am now. So most of the thanks goes to him. He deserve an interview as well. Great mentor.

Excited for KI World Cup?

Diamond:  Hell yeah!!!!!! Lol I’m definitely going!!!!

Are you excited about Season 3, any characters you’d like to see or features in the game? I’m very excited about season 3.

Diamond: I would like for all characters including Eyedol to be back in KI franchise. New features I would want to see are ultimates and an online training mode.

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