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Killer Instinct 101: ARIA Vortex, Instinct, Armor Crush, and more!

UltraTech Timestamp:

Our friends Geoff the Hero, Infilament and bastfree have teamed up to create an awesome Killer Instinct 101 tutorial video series. First up is ARIA! 

Infilament, the creator of the Killer Instinct Guide for Street Fighter IV players,  is teaming up with bastfree and Geoff the Hero to bring you a new KI video series. Killer Instinct 101 will create short and manageable videos focusing on each character for Killer Instinct on XBOX One. These will help players with a little bit of advanced strategies to get you started, but leaving you more to explore and expand on your own.

Their first video of the Killer Instinct 101 series showcases some of ARIA’s mixups, 50/50 vortexes, and Instinct drone strategies.

Infilament talks about their goals and what will be going into these helpful videos that you can discuss here: They’re hoping to bring you a new 101 Video every week so stay tuned for more!

If you haven’t already, bookmark his incredibly detailed KI Guide: