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Killer Instinct at PAX Prime

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Day 1 of PAX Prime 2015 is in the books, and it is an absolute blast. While not discussing anything major, Killer Instinct is still representing at the show.

Gameplay stations are set up at the Astro Gaming booth, and attendees have the chance to come try out KI in all its glory. To make the deal a little sweeter, folks have a shot at challenging us to a match, and should they win, they walk away with one of these sweet, new Riptor pins!


Luckily for the fans, their main competition is myself, and my button mashing skills aren’t top notch. Still more wins than losses, though. We’re sure you’re asking yourself how you can obtain one of these bad-ass pins for yourself, even though you’re not at PAX. Simple. Make sure to leave a comment in the thread linked at the bottom of this article, and a few lucky winners will find themselves proud owners of the pin.


If there were to yin to my yang, it would be in the form of HK Smash, who also has a set of Riptor pins he’s been giving out at the booth, but based on his skill level, he’s a lot stingier than myself. No losses yet, and we’re thinking that trend may continue. If you’re at PAX Prime, come dethrone this man!

If you want to see the action unfold you can tune in to the Astro Gaming Twitch channel ( 2-3 pm PDT. HK Smash will be challenging PAX attendees live on stream, and may even invite some folks from chat to join him.

That’s all for today, but we’ll have more to share tomorrow.

Until then…