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Killer Instinct Pro League 4/17 Community Recap

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This past weekend was the first Killer Instinct Pro League Online Tournament. Community Member Cstyles has a recap on what went down below.

Welcome Killer Instinct fans! Season 3 is now in full swing. Hope everyone is enjoying the four new characters joining the KI line-up or the changes to your existing favorites. With a new Season in Killer Instinct also means another Season of the 8-bit Beatdown and also, for the first time, the KI Pro League. Once a month, the top Killer Instinct competitors will be competing in an online tournament that earns them qualifier points for the KI World Cup that will be held in early 2017.

Yesterday brought a total of 226 competitors to the first KI Pro League event. Everyone battled it out through a grueling group of pools in hopes to make it to the main Top 16 showdown which was showcased on the Official KI Twitch Channel. The Top 16 brought us competitors that have been staples to the online tournament scene as well as some that were making their first appearance (myself included). Here was your Top 16 from the outset:

CrazyLCD, TheAgera, BH SeaDragon, TGZ Svm, UA Bass, CStyles45, BH Thompxson, UA Charlieboy, ToneriXSkate NS, ITA Master411, UA TBNDaymein, CorkyJay, F3 Sleep, Raven is Raw, xoPinkDiamonxo and Nicky NS.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch the entire Top 16 to see some amazing high level play of characters spanning all three Seasons of Killer Instinct. From unseen tech to amazing comebacks, this first KI Pro League was one you’ll want to check out.

One of the better highlights of the night featured CorkyJay’s Arbiter taking on ITA Mater411’s Shadow Jago. I personally won’t spoil the match for anyone here, however I encourage everyone to check out their set here: In the end, it was BH Thompxson who came out on top with his amazing Jago play overcoming F3 Sleep in Grand Finals. Check out the Grand Finals here: Congratulations to BH Thompxson on winning the first KI Pro League event. He earned himself 256 1st Place Points which will give him a nice early lead going into this KI World Cup Qualifying Season.

Here is your Top 8, congratulations to all these amazing competitors!

1st BH Thomxpson – Jago 2nd F3 Sleep – Fulgore/Arbiter 3rd Nicky NS – Fulgore 4th CrazyLCD – Kim Wu/Maya/Orchid 5th ToneriXSkate NS – Omen 5th UA TBNDaymein – Sadira 7th UA Bass – Spinal 7th xoPinkDiamondxo – Maya

Here is the Final Top 16 Bracket with how all the matches played out:

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in this past Pro League event, fear not! There are many more opportunitites to enter, compete, and battle for those Qualifying Points. Best of luck and hope to see everyone at the next event!

Colt Yohman (@CStyles45)

There you have it! Be sure to keep an eye out and join the future 8Bit Beatdown or KI ProLeague events on

Here’s the calendar for the rest of 2016


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