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Killer Instinct – Shadow Lords – Guardians Tutorial: Owl

UltraTech Timestamp:

Hey everyone!


This week in Shadow Lords we are excited to bring you the latest addition to the Guardian family, the Owl.



The Owl’s Feral Dash allows you to go through your opponent by performing a forward dash. Feral dashes can also be performed after an attack hits or is blocked by the opponent. Each match starts with at least one Feral Dash. Additional charges regenerate over time.


If you’ve longed to add¬†Sabrewulf’s Feral Dash ability to any fighter in the KI roster, then the Owl is for you.


Like all packs in Shadow Lords, this will only be around for a limited time. So grab it while you can. The Owl Pack, which grants 1 Rare or Better guaranteed Owl, and one Rare or better Guardian is available from Kan-Ra’s Emporium for 3,500 Astral Gems, or 1,900 KI Gold.