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Killer Instinct – Shadow Lords – Guardians Tutorial: Tiger

UltraTech Timestamp:

Another week, another Guardian! Sure, we’ve only been able to say that this week, but it’s still fun, regardless. If you’ve fired up Shadow Lords today, you’ll have noticed that the Watcher Pack has been replaced *GASP* by the Tiger Pack.


What is this Tiger, and how do I take advantage of its Guardian-goodness? Let’s find out!


The Tiger allows you to perform a Guard Crush! When blocked, your Special Move will break through the opponent’s guard, sending them into a Stagger and leaving them open to a follow-up attack.  Using Normal and Special attacks vs a blocking opponent builds the Guard Crush meter. Once it is full, your next blocked Special move will cause a Guard Crush!


This can create amazing pressure, especially on opponents that love to turtle (pesky AI.. or ‘that friend’). Hit them with a Guard Crush and immediately follow-up with your most powerful combo starter!


The Tiger Guardian is sure to be a fierce and unrelenting addition to Shadow Lords, especially in the hands of players that have mastered tight block strings; your setups just got TIGER-powered!


Thanks to James Goddard for providing that description!


The Tiger Pack is available now, but won’t be around for long. Make sure to grab it while you can. 3,000 KI Gold or 5,500 Astral Gems will net you a guaranteed Rare or better Tiger, as well as another Rare or better Guardian!


That’s all for this week. Make sure to swing by the forums to let us know what you think of the newest addition to Shadow Lords.