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Killer Instinct – Shadow Lords – Guardians Tutorial: Watcher

UltraTech Timestamp:

There’s a new sheriff, err, Guardian in town named the “Watcher.” With the arrival of 3.5, you can now purchase the Watcher – a Rare or better version – much like you’ve done with other Guardians in the past.


Before we jump in to acquisition of the Watcher, let’s talk about what the newest Guardian in the Killer Instinct lineup actually does, shall we?


The Watcher allows you to perform a Counter Attack that launches the opponent away from you. To activate a Block Breaker, press Light Punch and Light Kick simultaneously while blocking an opponent’s attack.  This can be done at any point while blocking, even if you’re full screen! It’s a really great tool for stopping your opponent’s momentum or for getting out of tricky situations.


The best thing about this Guardian is that it can amplify your normal gameplay. For example, you can Instinct Cancel a Block Breaker into a full combo. It’s super good! Much like the Exemplar, the Watcher also has some secret gameplay mechanics tied to it. I wonder what happens if you press a specific command before a Block Breaker connects…


Thanks to Isaac over at Iron Galaxy for taking us through what the Watcher is capable of. You can grab your Watcher NOW in the Watcher Pack, which of course is only available for a limited time. We hope you’re enjoying 3.5 and we’ll see you next week (you read that right) with more about the Tiger!