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Killer Instinct World Cup & KI Con

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Hey Everyone!


Brandon Alexander here to give you some info before Killer Instinct World Cup & KI Con tickets go on sale so you can plan accordingly! 


For those who don’t already know, KI Con is the Ultimate Killer Instinct experience with over 183,000 sq. ft. of KI. Be a part of tournaments, meet voice actors, all of the developers and pro players and much more! 


The Killer Instinct World Cup is the culmination of a yearlong ranking system that took place during 2016. The World Cup itself is a first of its kind for Killer Instinct, and the upcoming 2017 tournament serves as the brand’s inaugural event. With our ranking system we have determined the 27 best players from around the world.


These qualified players will join 5 more competitors qualifying at the event to establish a best-of-the-best 32 man world-class tournament.


We were pleased to announce that the Killer Instinct Ultra Tour is drastically expanding the KI World Cup! The tournament will now feature 32 powerful Killer Instinct players, all fighting for their share of $30,000!


On top of that, qualifying for the finals bracket this March guarantees a payout, as the $30,000 prize pool is split all the way down the 32 participants!


5 spots are reserved for last chance qualifiers on site at the KI World Cup itself! That’s right, even if players don’t have enough points to qualify, they can still show up, compete in a last chance qualifier, and make their way into the final bracket and the money!


These last chance qualifiers will come in the form of four brutal single elimination brackets. Players are free to compete in all four of them to try to earn their spots in the finals!


The 5th spot will go to the winner of our KI Last Chance Qualifying Pro Battle. More Info on this is coming really soon!


Top 32 Pay out:

  • 1st $10,000.00
  • 2nd $3,500.00
  • 3rd $2,500.00
  • 4th $1,500.00
  • 5th $1,000.00
  • 7th $750.00
  • 9th $650.00
  • 13th $500.00
  • 17th $350.00
  • 25th $200.00


To check out the KIWC Standing go to!




  • Basic KI Con 3 Day Pass – $25 (Does Not Guarantee a Seat in the Theater on Sunday)
  • Ultra KI Con 3 Day Pass – $35 (Guarantees Upper Level Seating in the Theater on Sunday)*
  • Killer KI Con 3 Day Pass – $45 (Guarantees Floor Level Seating in the Theater on Sunday)*

*Note – Ultra and Killer KI Con Passes, which guarantees theater seating, are very limited and going fast!




Closest Hotel:


Stream Info: COMING SOON



Friday March 10th:

  • Panels
  • KI Last Chance Qualifying Pro Battle
  • KI 3v3 Teams Tournament
  • Live Performances From Dokken, Warrant, & Trickster(Tickets Sold Separately) 
  • Friday Night Magic (Magic: The Gathering)


Saturday, March 11th:

  • 4 KIWC Last Chance Qualifier brackets, & special KIWC exhibition events!
  • Cosplay Contest (Day 1)
  • Announcements
  • Live Performances From Heliosaga, & Down Generation
  • Halo Wars 2 (1v1)
  • Gear of War 2 (2v2)
  • Phantom Dust (2v2) (Original Xbox)
  • Shred Nebula Event
  • Weapon Lord Event
  • Killer Instinct Classic Tournament
  • Killer Instinct II Classic Tournament
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U Tournament
  • Pokemon: Sun & Moon
  • Magic: The Gathering Main Event PPTQ ($1000 Prize Pot)
  • Magic: The Gathering Event 2 TBA


Sunday, March 12th:

  • Magic: The Gathering Event Modern ($1000)
  • Various Top 8s
  • The top 32 final bracket for $30,000!
  • KIWC Top 8
  • Killer Instinct Awards
  • More Announcements
  • Grand Finals
  • Top 32 Ceremony


The full game & event list for KIWC & KI Con will include:

  • Killer Instinct Voice Actors
  • The Killer Instinct Dev Team
  • KI World Cup Tournament
  • Killer Instinct Awards
  • Killer Instinct History Museum
  • Killer Instinct Art Showcase
  • Killer Instinct Meet & Greet
  • Announcements
  • Giveaways All Weekend
  • Game Show Floor With The Latest Games
  • Voice Actor & Game Dev Panels
  • Full Classic Arcade
  • Full Artist Ally
  • Cosplay Contest
  • Gears of War 4 (2v2) Tournaments
  • Halo Wars 2 (1v1) Tournaments
  • Phantom Dust (2v2) Tournaments
  • Overwatch Tournament
  • Shred Nebula Tournaments
  • Battletoads Turbo Tunnel Tournaments
  • Weapon Lord Tournament
  • Magic: The Gathering Tournaments
  • Pokemon Sun & Moon VGC Tournaments
  • Super Smash Bros Tournaments
  • Mario Kart 8 Tournaments
  • Mario Party Events
  • Dariusburst EX Another Chronicle Tournaments
  • DDR Supernova 2 Tournaments
  • Guilty Gear Tournaments
  • BlazBlue Tournaments
  • UMvC3 Tournaments
  • Table Tops
  • After Party


More Info & Games Coming Soon!


You can find the Facebook Event page here:


That’s all I have for today! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Holiday!



Brandon Alexander

Head of KI World Cup