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Killer Instinct World Cup Update

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Hey Guys!

Brandon Alexander here with a few updates & announcements for the KI World Cup!

First off, thank you all for the great feedback this past month!  Today I will be covering Event Registration, Shadow Jago, Combo assist, KI Merchandise, and Season 3 at the KI World Cup.  So lets get started!

KI World Cup Registration:

You can now sign up for the KI World Cup at!  The event badge will only cost $25 and the last chance qualifiers are FREE to enter!  The event badge covers you all weekend and also covers you for the after party (Saucey Suite) being held at Ultra Arcade Sunday Jan 31st after world cup finals.  Note: if you are qualified, you do not need to register.

Shadow Jago:

A lot of you have been asking about Shadow Jago being legal at the cup and I am finally proud to announce that he will be LEGAL for the event!  Shadow Jago has been available to the public for some time now and I feel he is extremely important to have at the cup!  From Ultimate Source having figures to him being the foundation of the KI Community Fund, I feel he is a vital part of KI itself and the event!

Combo Assist:

Due to this this feature still being in Beta & so recently released, I have deiced to wait until this feature is completely out of beta before I make it a tournament standard.  With that said, once out of beta & working properly, I do plan on having this feature ALLOWED at ALL KI world cup events such as the cup itself and every Kombo Klash.  Combo Assist is one of the biggest parts of Season 3 that will help grow the scene. It already has, so let’s get on board with it.

KI Season 3

You have been asking and we are all excited to announce that we will have the FIRST PLAYABLE PREVIEW of one of Killer Instinct: Season 3’s characters on the show floor for those attending the KI World Cup!  If you can’t make the Cup & you happened to be going to PAX South, that’s not a problem!  Pax South will have a playable preview that same weekend as well!  The goal of this is to get Season 3 out there, so the more places to get people’s hands on the game, the better!

KI World Cup Merchandise:

The KI Cup merch is available at Ultra Arcade RIGHT NOW & will be available through on Monday, Jan 11th!  We are working extra hard to make this available to you guys so thank you for your patience!  Note:These are limited edition prints.  Once sold out we will not print them again.

KI World Cup Event Rules, & Event Schedule info will be coming this Monday Jan, 11th!

That’s it for today guys!  Thanks for your endless support and see you at the Killer Instinct World Cup!