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Updated: KIT 2016 Results

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This weekend in Tennessee, KIT 2016 takes place and will be the final premier event qualifier for the Killer Instinct World Cup. The 2015 KI Tournament season is coming to a close at the end of the month with the KI Cup so the competition will be a good preview of how things may go down at the KI Cup.

Here’s all the information you need to enjoy the KI action this weekend whether you’re attending KIT or watching at home.


KIT 2016 Results:

1. F3|Sleep (Aria, Kan-Ra, Glacius) 2. Thompxson (Jago) 3. UA|Bass (Spinal, Cinder) 4. YOMI.RM|Jago Blake (Jago) 5. Nicky NS (Fulgore) 5. FiyahLiger (Riptor) 7. TSC|CD Mani (Shadow Jago) 7. Tempo|ChrisG (Sabrewulf)


Tournament Schedule for Killer Instinct (all times are Central time zone and subject to change)

Saturday January 16th:

Pools take place from 6pm – 10pm Central Time and will be streamed on

Challonge Brackets are up so you can see the competition:

Pool 1      Pool 2      Pool 3      Pool 4 1 Winner and 1 Loser from each pool will advance to the Top 8 which takes place Sunday

There’s also a Saucy Suite taking place after tournament pools are done.

Sunday January 17th:

Killer Instinct Finals at 1pm central(2pm est) on

Not only does the winner qualify for KI Cup but they’ll also receive this awesome custom Fulgore Sculpture.


The Official Hashtag for the event is #KIT2016. Best of luck to all participants.

For more on KIT please visit their website here: