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Kombo Klash NL – Results!

UltraTech Timestamp:

Kombo Klash Netherlands is over and the winner is online phenom, the current king of Ranked leagues with 18 pro stars, ITAmaster411 from Italy after beating LechatNoir from France in an epic set, after the brackets were reset and after trailing 0-2 in the final set! The crowd at the Firstlook gaming festival was loving this and overall it was a great showcase of KI at such a big event.

ITAmaster411 took home the Kombo Klash Netherlands trophy and a shiny medal, he also wins $1250 of the $2500 total potbonus and is directly qualfied for the KI World Cup next year in March 10-12 in San Antonio Texas. With this win ITAmaster411 proves that KI’s supreme netcode can make online champions into offline champions. It will be amazing to see him compete against the best of the world on the biggest stage of them all, the KI World Cup next year.

Follow the link to watch the full past broadcasts of the tournament: