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Limited Edition Shadow Jago Figure Pre-Order with Color 10 Bonus

UltraTech Timestamp:

Shadow Jago Main Image

The Wait Is Over! Preorders Begin NOW!

While their Wave One line is still set to release in March, Ultimate Source surprised us all by releasing this incredible collectible to the KI Community a few months early. The Limited Edition Shadow Jago figure is up for sale now and should ship before 12/28. (by the end of the year).

So what is this Limited Edition Shadow Jago figure?

The Limited Edition Shadow Jago figure will be a highly sought after collectible and is limited to 5000 individually numbered pieces. In this extremely limited release you will get the following exclusive features:

-Custom packaging with unique colors and design!

-Accessory box which stores his sword and collector card!

-Limited Edition Collector Card individually numbered from 1 to 5000!

-Exclusive Shadow Jago Microsoft redeemable code for an un-lockable exclusive character feature (COLOR 10) which will be playable in-game*!

-*This means that only 5000 lucky collectors will be able to unlock this exclusive color for Shadow Jago in the game. ( You must already own Shadow Jago in-game for this code to work)

Be sure to check out all the other goodies on for early preorders and be sure to click on the “notify me” button for updated release details.  Also, be sure to follow them on twitter @ultimatetoy.

What do you think? Have you picked up your Shadow Jago yet? Let us know in the forums. Discuss: